2020.8.3 and Android App problem?

So my LR M3 upgraded to 2020.8.3 overnight last night. All seemed fine.

Went to the shops this morning. Opened and drove the car using the Android phone App. Waited outside the shops while the missus was shopping, was looking at a few things on the cars screen. Suddenly the screen went black for about 15 seconds and then recovered. All seemed normal HOWEVER:

Tried to drive away and the car refused to go into D.

I looked at the Android app to check I was still connected to the car. Nope – it had logged me out. So I logged back into the App. But no car, no controls, jusy the start splash screen and ‘Watch Video Guide’ and ‘Get Support’ buttons. Car would not drive!

Fortunately I had one of the key cards with me. So put that on the console and the car was driveable. Had I not had this then I would have been stuck.

Is this something to do with 2020.8.3 software – is the App usually that flakey?

I still can’t log into the car with the App.

Tesla help was very unhelpful – just asked me to email the problem. No reply so far.


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