4 Tips and Tricks to Play Slither.io

Since Slither.io hit the internet in 2016, it has been one of the most popular and intriguing multiplayer video games for most people. It is available for iOS, Android, and web browsers and involves multiplayer- anyone on the internet can play with you at any time. The game involves playing as an avatar worm that consumes balls of light from the map and from other players. The more you consume, the bigger you get, which makes you a bigger target for your opponents. There is a leaderboard that players try to top and to win this game, you must watch out for wicked worms and not collide into them.


To play online slitherio on agame.com and top the leaderboard, you need to understand the tips and tricks, some of which includes:

1. The Larger You Get, The More Chances of Getting Killed

Think of the ancient snake game everyone is familiar with and see this as the modern recreation. While you need to eat more pellets during the game, you get larger, which makes you an easy target. However, if you ever feel lost on your next moves, you could stay away from the main stage where all eyes are on you to think and have a strategy on how to continue without being killed.

2. Use Your Map

There is a map at the bottom of your screen to guide you and help you see ahead of the game to strategize and know your next move. The map could help you see where the main actions are and where there is less danger. This would help you navigate easily without getting killed. While you use this trick, also bear in mind that other players might track you down, so you must be vigilant regardless.

3. Trap Smaller Worms

As you get bigger, you have the tendency to also trap smaller worms by working your way around them. You could easily catch them unawares and get them out of the way, so you can continue your game. If you made a smart move, they would likely not see you coming and while they are trapped in you, you can easily kill them and take all their pellets with you. This move is also one of the benefits of getting larger in the game. 

4. Use Your Speed

Using your speed can be quite tricky as you could easily speed towards danger. But you need to use the speed regardless, as it could get you ahead of your opponents in some cases. You could simply speed past them rather than hiding or trying to make a smart move. The tricky part to this is that your size decreases as you use the speed feature, so you may want to opt for it only when it is necessary. 


Slither.io is fun and intriguing and once you get a hang of it, it would be top on your list. The idea is to grow the longest snake while trying to avoid getting killed and these tips and tricks could help you make the best of the game.

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