6 tips that work to avoid harassment on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp every day, do not hesitate to follow all these tips that we give you.

WhatsApp is not only the most popular instant messaging app but also one of the most useful applications that we can find on both iOS and Android.

Perhaps for that very reason and because it is used by millions of people every day, the use of WhatsApp also has its risks. So if your intention is to use WhatsApp and avoid SPAM messages and harassment from unknown numbers, follow these tips.

Avoid harassment and privacy problems on WhatsApp with these tips

1. Do not accept video calls from unknown numbers

Using WhatsApp has its risks

WhatsApp video calls are quite an interesting feature since they allow us to talk and see our contacts in real time in a very simple way and also free.

But to avoid privacy problems we recommend that do not accept video calls from unknown numbers. In the case of insisting, simply block the phone number in the WhatsApp settings.

2. Cover the camera when starting a video call

If, on the other hand, you like risk and decide to accept video calls from strangers, listen to us and first of all cover the camera with your finger for a few seconds until you are sure the call is secure.

It may seem silly but as it is advisable to cover the web cam of your computer, the same applies to the case of smartphones.

3. Do not accept calls from numbers from other countries

The majority of spammers or stalkers that we can find usually operate from countries outside our own. Hence it is not recommended to accept WhatsApp calls from numbers from other countries.

The above, in the event that the telephone number insists, we block it.

4. Show only your profile information to your contacts

WhatsApp on two Android phones.

WhatsApp allows us to configure our privacy in different ways. In this order of things we can choose if we want our photography and information to be shown to everyone who has our phone number or only to our contacts.

We recommend that at least the profile photo only be shown to your contacts to avoid problems. For this we go to the WhatsApp, Account and Privacy settings.

5. Avoid being automatically put into groups

Request confirmation to be incorporated into a group is one of the smartest things we can do on WhatsApp.

To do this we just have to go to the app settings, Account, Privacy, Group and choose the option that best suits our needs.

6. Use Telegram

Telegram, the most popular alternative messaging app to WhatsApp.

In terms of privacy, Telegram is far superior in every way to WhatsApp. One of the advantages of this app is that to chat with someone it is not necessary to share the phone number but only the username.

In this way, if you need to talk to someone in a timely manner and you do not want to provide your phone number, Telegram is the best option. An app that by the way, has more and more users since, in our opinion, it works much better than WhatsApp.

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