8 New Indie Games You Should Download On Android

The Google Indie Games Accelerator program is a great initiative by Google to allow indie games to make a name for themselves. Here are 8 indie games you should download today on your Android device.

The best indie games coming right at ya!

Blood & Honor: War & Risk

If you love Risk and Civilisation, then this game will be right up your alley. Blood & Honor: War & Risk has you taking over the world in turn-based battles. What spices things up is the Battle Deck, which allows you to use special cards to enact battle strategies on your foes in online battles or offline against AI.


Utilising geo-localisation and augmented reality capabilities, Geopoly is a cross between Pokemon Go and Monopoly. Backed up by Foursquare, this game has you and your friends buying property from all over the world and building up your real-estate empire across the globe.


Made by Brazilian game developers Webcore games, Timo is a fun and colourful, point-and-click puzzle game. Taking place in a world of books, you must help Timo explore each book by solving a plethora of puzzles. The game uniquely employs a smartphone’s accelerometer to allow players to tilt their phone to affect the game’s gravity.

Rocket Star

Tycoon games are definitely a must-have for any smartphone gamer, and Rocket Star is a great way to simulate a trip to the stars. Like any tycoon game, you have to gather resources to build your space station and spacecraft, assemble your crew, and make your way to the moon, Mars, Jupiter and beyond!


Nobodies is a point-and-click adventure where you are a “cleaner”, better known as the person who cleans up after a murder or assassination. As the “cleaner”, you must be vigilant in keeping everything in check, removing any evidence from the scene of the crime.

Fhacktions Go

Imagine if the Pokemon gyms in Pokemon Go had you entering a Dota-like top-down shooting arena to conquer the gym. That’s how playing Fhacktions Go feels like, as the game mixes geo-locating gameplay with top-down shooting action. Definitely give this game a try if you’re traveling between cities.

Baikoh WORDS

This puzzle game has you forming words from falling blocks of letters, with the longer and more complex words getting you the most points. As you level up in Baikoh WORDS, you’ll get access to better power-ups to clear more words and letters.Test your skills in online play.

Machinal Instinct

Made by Pomelo Games, the studio behind Bullet Boy and Dinosaurs Are People Too, comes Machinal Instinct. This game is a third-person arena fighter similar to Nintendo’s ARMS. Keeping things simple, the game utilises a one-finger control scheme, which makes Machinal Instinct a great pick-up and play game. It is currently in early access, so give it a try.

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