8 Tips to Camp In Your Backyard

Prep Your Gear

If you’re like us, half the fun of camping is using your gear. Start with these tips for every skill level.

Beginner: Practice setting up your tent. Seriously, this is the perfect time. Someday you’ll get caught pitching your tent in a storm and you’ll be glad you can pitch it fast. Make sure it’s taut, with good airflow between the fly and tent body, which minimizes condensation.

Intermediate: Got a tarp? You should. Now go beyond the basic A-frame with these pitching tips.

Expert: Ready to earn your PhD in tent pitching? Put it up blindfolded. And send us a video at lbarrett@aimmedia.com for a chance to be featured on BACKPACKER’s Instagram channel.

Upgrade Your Lights

Yes, you can make do with a headlamp dangling from the tent ceiling, but the best outdoor lights turn your campsite into a glowing oasis—or a disco party, whatever you’re into. We like MPOWERD’s multicolor Luci Explore, which also has a Bluetooth speaker and solar-powered charger.

Keep The Bugs Away

The outdoors just got an upgrade: Campsite mosquitoes are now optional. That’s big news because the biting bugs thrive all over North America, and in recent years have been responsible for spreading West Nile virus and other dangerous diseases. Solution: Create your own mosquito-free zone.

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