Aarogya Setu New Feature | Aarogya Setu app gets new feature that uses Bluetooth contacts to analyse risk level: All you need to know

Aarogya Setu app new feature uses Bluetooth contacts

Aarogya Setu app new feature uses Bluetooth contacts&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • The feature is currently available for Android users. iOS users will receive the update soon enough
  • The new feature uses Bluetooth contacts sharing to asses the level of risk if you have been in close proximity

One of the most popular contact tracing apps – Aarogya Setu has now received a new feature. The app has currently over 12 million downloads since it was launched back in April this year. The new feature has started rolling out to Android users and will roll out shortly for iOS users as ell. The feature in Aarogya Setu lets the user assess their risk level based on their Bluetooth contacts.

In a series of tweets made by the official Twitter handle of Aarogya Setu, the COVID-19 contact tracing will now feature a list of people with whom they have been in close proximity – enough to establish a Bluetooth connection. It is understandable the list will have Bluetooth contacts encountered while travelling or others with whom there has no physical contact with.

“This will enable you to assess your risk. Some BT contacts can be for short durations during travel, some can be when you have Masks on without any physical contact. Always important to take necessary precautions and monitor your symptoms,” Aarogya Setu Twitter handle mentioned in a series of tweets.

Aarogya Setu latest feature update: How good is it?

The latest feature will enable users to assess their risk status in relation to the number of people they have been in close proximity with. Although the tweet from Aarogya Setu did mention that users will have to upload their data by providing permissions to the app – we found no such permissions. Unless you do not have the app installed – then the app will ask for permission. For users already having the app on their phones – no permission is needed.

The feature is currently available on the Android version of the Aarogya Setu app. A separate tweet did say that the update will be made available to iOS users soon.

Aarogya Setu takes a leaf out of Google/Apple COVID-19 efforts

If you are wondering where did you first read about Bluetooth contact tracing – it was Apple and Google’s combined efforts to embed the API on Android and iOS platforms so apps can utilise the Bluetooth contact tracing feature. The same or similar feature is now available on Aarogya Setu – although there are some issues. The Bluetooth contact tracing only works if the users who you have been in close proximity with also have the Setu app installed. If they don’t, the risk assessment just falls apart.

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