Android 11 bug hides part of the screen in some games

Launched last September, the final version of Android 11 took just over a month to start annoying some users. The problem, which has been known since beta versions, continues: the status bar overlaps the top of the window for some applications in full-screen mode.

The presence of the sidebar hides some important interactive elements, such as buttons in games, impairing immersion. Users have also verified the occurrence of this bug on YouTube, in addition to the games. The flaw, also identified in Samsung’s new One UI 3.0 interface, comes to prevent control of some games.

What does Google say?

So far, Google has not commented on this, and the occurrence of these unexpected flaws has grown a lot among users. It is not yet known when developers will realize the scope of the problem and solve it.

For now, users are left with only one temporary solution: restarting the application. When the user closes and opens the application again, the navigation bar and the status bar disappear completely from the screen. This is the only possible alternative, which, let’s face it, is really annoying.

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