Android apps on Windows for more devices

A few years ago, Microsoft introducing an application like Your Phone would have been unimaginable, Windows making good friends with iOS and, especially, with Android? Those were, of course, the times of Windows Phone, when those of Redmond were still fighting to gain a niche in the juicy market of operating systems for smartphones … and incidentally also in that of this type of device.

Today all that is far behind, Windows Phone did not work (I still think it was a revolutionary operating system, but hey) and, Microsoft has been working on Your Phone for a couple of years, a Windows application designed so that Android users (it also has some function for iOS, but today it is more testimonial than anything else) can interconnect computer and smartphone and, thus, access different functions of the phone directly from the PC.

Since then Your Phone has grown in functions, becoming more and more interesting. For example, since the end of last year it is already possible to make calls directly from the PC. Obviously the calls are actually made from the phone, but thanks to the connection between both devices and the Your Phone interface, this process is completely transparent for the user, who will only have to worry about selecting the contact they want. talk.

Another great novelty came a couple of months, when Microsoft published an updated version in the development ring that allowed run and control smartphone apps directly from Windows 10. And the tests, as we already said at the time, must have been especially satisfactory, since only 15 days later Microsoft began the deployment of this new version of Your Phone in the stable channel, that is, to which all Windows users have access. .

At that time, yes, the scope was quite limited, since the function was only available to users of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 devices, within the framework of a collaboration agreement signed between Microsoft and Samsung. Since then, little by little, Your Phone has been adding new Samsung devices to the list, as well as growing the list of Windows users who had received the new version. Everything pointed, therefore, that its deployment would be gradual … until this tweet arrived:

Yes, you read that correctly, what seemed like gradual growth has suddenly turned into a massive leap, both in reach of users and compatible devices. And it is that, from this moment, Your Phone is now compatible with all planned Samsung devices From the first moment. You can see the list here (and I guarantee you it is quite extensive) and, in terms of users, the version of Your Phone compatible with This feature should reach all eligible Windows 10 systems within 48 hours..

The list of compatible devices includes everything from the flagship of 2018, such as the Galaxy S9 series to the most current versions of them, the company’s folding smartphones and a large number of devices from the A series. Now, yes, it is expected that Microsoft reach agreements with other manufacturers that allow, in a time, that this function of Your Phone is accessible for users of models of other brands

As we already told you at the time, actually apps will continue to run on the device, what Your Phone offers is a screen mirrored and controls active, thanks to which we do not have to use the smartphone to use its software. In addition, it is also possible to create shortcuts on the desktop and the launch bar to those apps that we use more frequently, to make access to them even easier. And I wonder if, thinking about the recent Microsoft patent, they have plans to continue advancing in this regard.

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