Android Auto Stops Working on Some Devices When the Screen Turns Off

New day, new issues with Android Auto, as some users are now complaining that running the app with the phone screen turned off is no longer possible.

And it’s all because Android Auto just freezes when the mobile device enters a locked state.

At this point, this doesn’t seem to be a very widespread problem, but the first complaints in this regard surfaced in July, which is an indication that a recent update might the one to blame for the whole thing.

If we’re trying to track down the bug and determine a pattern, it looks like OPPO phones, in particular, are the ones that are suffering from this issue. And at first glance, many are tempted to believe that the problems aren’t caused by Android Auto, but by the software running on the OPPO devices themselves.

But according to someone on Google’s forums, OPPO engineers have already looked into the matter and found nothing wrong. In other words, OPPO believes everything’s running correctly on its side, so it’s now up to Google to investigate the problem and figure out what happens.

I’ve upgraded to the Color OS 6 on my Oppo R15 Pro and since the upgrade Android Auto and Maps stops working in the car when the screen turns off. I’ve lodged a ticket with Oppo however they were unable to find a fault. I have uninstalled everything, reinstalled apps and ensured all battery settings are correct yet the app still stops if the screen is off,” someone says on Google’s forums, and several others confirm the same experience with their OPPO devices.

Right now, it looks like the Android Auto connection is suspended by the mobile device, so it could all be related to a very aggressive battery management system. The affected users claim they tried everything, all to no avail, as Android Auto just stops working when the phone locks.

So at the moment, the only way to continue using Android Auto with an OPPO phone is to just keep the screen turned on all the time, something that obviously isn’t at all a convenient workaround.

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