Best apps to save money while shopping! (2020)

These days shopping has become quite easy due to the advent of smart devices and internet penetration across wider areas. The online e-commerce has become the business of billions and is playing a vital role in the economy building of each country. The ease of shopping has paved the way for a better shopping experience, new marketing ideas, and affiliate services. The consumer is on the receiving end for all the benefits propped out of increased competition among online and offline retailers.

best money saving apps

Many new services, including coupons, affiliates, and money-saving programs, are allowing the consumer to save a few bucks while shopping. The e-commerce giants also commence big sales on the eve of festivals to garner more sales by offering groundbreaking deals to consumers. The Black Friday Deals, Festival Season Sale, and Diwali offers are some prime occasions for these kinds of deals. The big giants, including Amazon, Best Buy, Flipkart, Myntra, and others, offer deals to garner more sales and churn out better profits. Surprisingly, there are some tools and services that allow users to save money while shopping.

We have listed some of the best services to reduce your shopping bills. These apps will directly bring offers and discounts or will guide you to save money in other ways.

List of best apps to save money while shopping



The Price Grabber is an aggregator service that helps the consumer to compare the price across all the major online retailers. It even carries the capability to notify the user of any particular product via ‘Price Alerts.’ The Barcode Scanner, including bottom-line price with taxes, is another useful feature of the PriceGrabber.

Unfortunately, both the Android and iOS apps have been dismantled now, and the users need to visit the Price Grabber website to get discounts. The users can add the website addresses to screen on Android and can bookmark on iOS devices.



honey coupon discount

It is a useful browser extension that helps to find the best coupons. It eases a lot of shoppers who often search for coupons. It helps you to save time and money at the same time. It helps to find the best discount coupons.

The user needs to tap or click the extension to get the best discount on the item automatically. Most of the online e-commerce platforms, including the food retailers, are compatible with the Honey app. The feature of Droplist allows users to keep track of price drops on specific items. It even notifies if there’s a considerable price drop.

It is a popular coupon service with users 147k users, 30K+ merchants, and 17.9% average discount. You can add the Honey Chrome extension by clicking the link below.

Download Honey Extension



It is the best service to track offers, discounts, and coupons. The users can also participate by offering discounts and coupons for users. It is divided into five different sections, including deals, coupons, discussions, groups, and MyZone.

The user has to select the desired deal, and the website will either redirect to the host or will give you a coupon code. DesiDime offers a forum-like experience that provides users with the ability to participate in the discussion. It allows us to verify whether the deal or coupon is legible.

However, the user interface is not up to the mark. It can be accessed over the web or via the Android App.


Visit is home to a lot of manufacturer and retailer based coupons. It offers coupons in digital form with one click Coupon clippers. The user can quickly get a discount on almost every retailer with just a few taps. Apart from the website, the users can download the iOS or Android app for respective smartphones. host deals for every type of service, product including groceries, clothing, and household items. Several advanced features such as sharing, web clippers help users to get the discount quite quickly. The inbuilt search and navigation also make it more useful.


Android | iOS

Rakuten Ebates

ebates rakuten

Ebates is a popular cashback, coupons, and promo code service that offers impressive rewards on shopping from popular stores such as Walmart, Groupon, KOHL’s, Lyft, Sephora, and others. It even gives $10 Welcome Bonus for the users who shop via Ebates.

Ebates awards cash backs, rewards, and coupons to save money across 2500+ brand stores and retailers. It’s even a favorite choice while dining with cashback on 10K+ restaurants. The app helps to shop smart and save money with over 40% cashback. There are certain Cashback stores and rewards on brands like Nike, Samsung, Sephora, and others.

It is a sole companion for the users who often go on shopping, eat food at restaurants, travel a lot, and watch movies. The user can also earn a $25 referral commission for every friend who signs up and shops on Rautken.


Android | iOS 



The app becomes handy while shopping online and offline. It allows users to scan barcode and compare the price of the item in different stores. It even brings navigation to the nearest stores offering the best price.

The users can save a lot if used accurately, and the user has some spare time. ShopSavvy also carries the ability to keep the deals that are found online for purchase later. The user can also manually enter the UPC or keyword to find any product. The app is claiming to host the largest database of retailers, products, and prices, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.


Android | iOS

Cashback Monitor

cashback monitor

It is a one shop stop before purchasing anything online. The Cashback Monitor tracks cashback rates and miles for all the major programs. It helps the users to choose the best retailer to maximize savings and rewards.

It is a single-window to check the cashback, miles, and credit card points for every retailer present.


Amazon Assistant

It’s a nifty browser extension, aka shopping tool from Amazon. It helps the users to save products from any website, compare them, and discover new products across the web. It even supports a 30-day price tracker to compare the pricing.

Amazon Assitant also keeps a tab on Orders and shipments from Amazon. It also helps to access shortcuts such as order history, exclusive offers, and more. Amazon’s exclusive Today’s Deals are also visible via the Amazon Assistant.


These are specific tools and services that will help the shoppers to save some money. Some of the apps might be useful for a particular region. There are many services and apps, and if we missed an essential app or service, then let us know via the comments below.


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