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GAMES are good at fostering friendships and Snapchat is using this to help users connect with friends via its Snap Games.

Today, Snap Games, which as launched early this year, offers Leaderboard Games, a new gameplay format that allows Snapchatters to challenge their friends to light-hearted competitions – playing on their own time.

Developed by Snap’s games studio, the first two Leaderboard Games are called Find My Friends and Slide the Shakes.

In Find My Friends, players score points by picking friends out of a crowd in increasingly crazy scenes. The faster they’re found, the higher the score they’ll get.

Meanwhile, in Slide the Shakes, players will have to serve delicious milkshakes to friends by sliding them along the counter. But this is no ordinary bar — they need to navigate moving platforms, slippery ice and even giant swinging wrecking balls.

How to play Leaderboard Games:

l Open Snapchat (iOS or Android)

l Tap Chat or swipe right to the Friends screen

l Open a Chat or Group Chat and tap the rocket icon to open the Game Drawer

l To play a new Leaderboard Game, look for a trophy icon

l If friends are playing at the same time, you can chat via text or voice while you play

Leaderboard Games also introduces a new feature called Score Streaming, which shows Snapchatters their friends’ live scores while they’re playing with you. When friends are playing the same game through a shared conversation, players will also see their friends’ Bitmoji peeking over the Chat Bar, just as in Chat.

These easy-to-play games let friends play asynchronously to compete for the top spot on a leaderboard among their own group of friends. This style of play complements the real-time multiplayer games found in Snap Games today.

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