Call of Duty Mobile Android Controller Issues Addressed in Update

call of duty mobile android controller

Activision released the latest Call of Duty Mobile community update this week on the official sub-Reddit for the mobile game. With it, this is one of the largest community updates to date with the company addressing plenty of changes and issues that have been brought up recently.

Latest Call of Duty Mobile Community Update Comes Amidst Winning Awards

The Call of Duty Mobile community update comes amidst the reveals of multiple awards for the game. The mobile version of the popular first-person military shooter franchise already won the Best Game of 2019 from the Google Play store for Android but that was just the beginning.

At The Game Awards 2019 last week, the game was also awarded the best mobile game for the year, beating out a ton of other great games. This community update quickly arrives to show that, even though it is an award-winning game, there are some still changes to be made.

As part of the awards that the game is winning, players can celebrate by logging in before the end of the year to get a free reward. Activision is giving out the DL-Q33 Deep Shark to those players who show up before the game rolls into the new year.

Not only that but there are a ton of changes and additions on the way for the game including addressing the Call of Duty Mobile Android controller issues that have been affecting users on that platform. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s new.

What’s New

First up, Activision addressed what is new in the game in the near future with a quick look at the upcoming schedule for the rest of the year. It already begun on December 6 but there is a Gravity Spikes event going on right now where players can earn the Operator skill for free for use in multiplayer.

That event isn’t going to be running for too much longer, though, as it is set to come to an end on December 15 so players should act fast. From December 9 through December 19, players are able to snag some free loot just for adding friends in the game.

In addition to that, the Team Up Event is going on at the same time where you are encouraged to play with friends. Doing so will grant you points that can go towards unlocking the M21 EBR – Jackfrost. From December 13 through December 19, players are able to enjoy the One Shot, One Kill event mode and challenge.

Last but not least, the winter parade in battle royale begins tomorrow, December 14, and will run until sometime this month. Oddly enough, the developer put question marks in the blog post on Reddit as to when it will come to an end.

Call of Duty Mobile Android Controller Issues Addressed

There are plenty of bug issues that players are dealing with week after week in the game, both on the iOS and Android versions. But there is one bug problem that the community update addresses that is specifically related to the Android version of the game.

This problem has to do, of course, with the Call of Duty Mobile Android controller issues. According to Activision, this is an issue that players have reporting quite frequently and that the developer is hard at work on fixing it. This problem, specifically, has to do with the PS4 controllers.

If you are using the DualShock 4 PS4 controller wirelessly on the mobile game on the versions nine and 10 of Android devices, there is currently a problem with it. The developer is currently investigating this issue and there will be updates about what is going on in the future. Please stay tuned for a fix for the Call of Duty Mobile Android controller issues.

Purchasing Issues and the White Screen Problem

Other issues include the purchasing problems that many players have encountered for weeks now since the game pretty much released. As before, Activision reiterated the steps that a player should take if they buy something in the game and they don’t receive it.

If this happens to you, what you need to do is make sure the transaction was successful in the first place (check bank, card, etc), wait a few hours to see if the item will appear, and restart the game. If you still don’t have the item that you purchased, be it points or a specific cosmetic, you need to contact support.

When you contact the player support for the game, you need to make sure to grab your player ID, which is found in the second tab of your profile in the game. You will also need proof of purchase like a screenshot of the App Store or Google Play receipt and provide that info to the representative.

There is also a white screen issue that is happening to Android players as well. It will cause the game to just appear as a blank white screen and you won’t really be able to do anything. If this happens to you, there are some steps you can take to help while it is being investigated.

It is recommended that you clear the cache on your device by heading to the settings and then the storage option for most devices. If you are using a guest account to play, make sure to link your account to one of the other account options like Google Play and Facebook before you clear your cache.

You can also try shutting down and restarting your device, or uninstalling and redownloading the game itself. If none of those options work for you, be sure to reach out to player support as well.

Addressing Feedback From the Community

Finally, the community update addresses some direct feedback that the community has been leaving for the game. In the topic of weapon balancing, Activision hears players loud and clear that they think that the Locus sniper rifle, for instance, is just too powerful compared to other rifles.

The company requests that players always try out a weapon for yourself in the game before leaving feedback but that criticism like that one is welcome and appreciated rather than simply stating that a certain weapon should just be made better.

On the topic of map requests, Activision noted that it appreciates these requests and for them to keep coming but there is no guarantee that they will happen. That said, there are plenty of new maps on the horizon like the new winter Raid map and the Summit map.

Last but not least, Activision made a call for players to give feedback regarding the event rewards in the game. Events happen all the time in the game and it wants to know how players feel about rewards from challenges and even just logging in. Doing so could impact the future of event rewards.

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