‘Call of Duty Mobile’: How to set up and play the gaming favourite on the go

Call of Duty: Mobile is easily available for mobile gaming enthusiasts! The game is available for download on Android as well as iPhone. For people who love shooting games, earlier versions of this game have been a crowd favourite. The primary thing is to set up Call of Duty on your mobile phone, and this article lists down few important tips regarding the same.

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Setting Up Call of Duty: Mobile

The requirement of the game is iOS 9 or Android 5.1 and a minimum of 2 GB RAM for android phones. There should be at least a free space of around 1.6 GB on your mobile. The best thing to do is stop all other processes so that the mobile is running only the game so that one can play cod mobile with ease.

The game requires an internet connection and the player has the best experience while playing the game with the headphones on. Higher the brightness, better the visibility, and better the experience. 

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What Game Modes does Call of Duty Mobile provide?

  • The game gives the option to play multiplayer mode and battle royal mode. In multiplayer mode, there are a host of maps that can be chosen, and there are many core modes, which are Frontline, Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, etc. Practice mode can be played against AI. Certain special modes are also available like Standoff, Sniper mode, and Halloween. The Battle Royale mode has only one map right now called the isolated map.
  • The gameplay of Battle Royale is unique, and it can be played in solo mode, duo mode, or a team mode. In the Battle Royale mode, the player comes into the game using parachute with no weapons, and the basic objective is to collect weapons while killing rivals so that the player remains the last man standing or represents the last team standing. The area of play is reduced slowly, and thus, the players fight in a smaller area with passing the time making this a very classic example of battle royal gameplay.
  • Some tips and tricks for becoming a champion of this game are increasing a player’s XP, which helps the player to unlock more load-outs, which help by getting more weapons and operator skills. Choosing weapons wisely is always the best policy. As per the map, the weapons help like in a map where close combat is more common choosing an assault weapon like SMG helps but maps where long-range fighting happen need snipers. Upgrading the weapons is very important, and rewards help in this through weapon cards, which can help a player getting upgrades like increasing the scope of the sniper or increasing the magazine size.

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