Enable hidden features in Twitter with the Tweeks Xposed Module

Despite there being a lot of alternatives to the Twitter app on Android, I like sticking to the regular Twitter app. It works well, it’s not overly bloated, and has all the features I need. It also looks good, and it’s also constantly updated with new features as soon as they’re out. Some are still down in the pipeline, and while they may not be ready for primetime just yet, you can still have a dab at unlocking them on your device using an Xposed module called Tweeks.

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Among some of the features you can unlock by using this Xposed module, you have DM reactions, Twitter spheres, and the option to subscribe to individual tweets, features that have been uncovered during the past few months. As long as you have Xposed or EdXposed, you’re free to try them out. However, be mindful that your Twitter account can be banned if you’re using unreleased features on your device. As such, while they will probably work, you acknowledge that you will be using the module at your own risk if you install it, as you will be breaking Twitter rules and policies by doing so.

You can check out the Tweeks Xposed module right now in the Xposed Repository. If you want to install EdXposed to your device, please refer to this post for knowing more.

Check out Tweeks right now!

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