Enjoy The Awesome Granblue Fantasy Cosplay Shows While You Wait for the PS4 Games


After several reveals for Granblue Fantasy, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Granblue Fantasy Relink, you may want more. Here are Cygames’ cosplay shows. 

Between today and yesterday we had a ton of reveals about Granblue Fantasy, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Granblue Fantasy Relink, but if you want more, look no further than Cygames’ cosplay shows. 

The shows feature Cygames’ own official casts wearing the costumes faithfully reproduced by the developer itself, and they’re really awesome. 

They were broadcasted both yesterday and today during the festival’s livestreams.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll love what you’ll see below. If it just caught your attention while you’re waiting for the PS4 games, it’s a good chance to get yourself acquainted with some of the most popular characters.

If you’re interested in catching the latest news about the franchise, you can read what’s coming from the original Granblue Fantasy for iOS and Android and a second part from earlier today. 

You can then check out the latest reveal for Granblue Fantasy Versus for PS4, focusing on DLC characters and villains. 

Last, but certainly not least, you can enjoy today’s showcase for Granblue Fantasy Relink for PS4. Cygames has kept us waiting, but they have certainly delivered.

If you want to learn more, you can also read our interview with game director Tetsuya Fukuhara, who revealed  quite a few interesting details a while ago.

Incidentally, the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game is available for iOS, Android, and PC via browsers. If you want to give it a try to prepare for the release of the console games, you can read my detailed guide on how to create an account, install the game, and play in English.

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