Fossil just fixed the biggest problem with its Hybrid HR smartwatch

Fossil released its new hybrid smartwatch earlier this year, and I reviewed it last month. The greatest problem with the watch isn’t its lack of features or poor design — it’s that the companion app only sends notifications to the watch from a handful of supported apps. Thankfully, Fossil has finally fixed this issue by enabling notification support for all apps.

As a quick refresher, Fossil only allowed apps from 13 applications to be sent to the Hybrid HR watch. The list only included some of the most popular social media and messaging services, and it was a completely self-imposed limitation — there is an API that allows apps to read notifications from all apps (Wear OS, Pushbullet, and other apps use it). I couldn’t see work messages from Slack, or family texts from Skype.

Fossil never gave me an answer when I asked why the app had this limitation, but now it has apparently been fixed. Version 4.2 of the Fossil Hybrid app removes the whitelist entirely, allowing you to add or remove notifications from all apps installed on your phone, just like with Wear OS and Samsung Galaxy wearables.

While Fossil’s hybrid smartwatches still have some other minor issues, I’m happy to see the strange self-imposed limitation removed. You can grab the updated app from the link below, or from APKMirror.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches
Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches

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