GE Is Launching A Touch Screen Microwave Powered By AI And Apps

GE has announced a touch screen microwave at CES powered by artificial intelligence and fueled by apps. It’s called the Kitchen Hub, and it features a 27-inch touch screen on the front.

The company says it offers computer vision aided cooking, and is capable of providing numerous amounts of information based on what you’re trying to make.

Not sure what to cook for dinner? Not a problem. Simply select the ingredients you want, put them on a plate, and stick it in the microwave. Cameras on the inside can help you find a recipe based on the ingredients.

It can even assist you through the rest of the cooking process.

The GE touch screen microwave lets you watch Netflix while you cook

Computer vision aided cooking seems to be the main goal of this device. Essentially GE is just trying to provide consumers with a smarter way to prepare meals.

If you find yourself lacking in entertainment while you’re in the kitchen though, the Kitchen Hub will let you watch Netflix. It even has access to apps like Spotify. The whole thing runs on Android and has the Play Store installed, so you can download and install apps as you see fit.

GE doesn’t mention what version of Android it is, but it’s likely new enough to have access to currently popular apps. It’s also integrated with Google Assistant so you can pull up any necessary searches. Say, like when you need to know how to cook something.

The camera on the inside lets you check on your food

If you’re even a little bit concerned about how your food turns out, then you probably check on it often. And you should, lest something burns.

Thanks to the camera on the inside of the Kitchen Hub you can check on your food at any point. Either from the device’s touch screen itself, or even from your smartphone while you’re in another room.

This lets you step away for a few minutes if you need to. Free of worry, because you’re aware of how done your food actually is.

And while your food is cooking, cameras on the outside will let you video chat with family and friends. GE hasn’t said how much the Kitchen Hub will cost, but it probably won’t be cheap.

It will however be available in late 2020, which likely means it won’t show up until at least the Fall or Winter time.

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