Google Maps Speedometer feature: How to turn on speedometer in Google Maps on Android smartphones

Google Maps can now show you the exact speed of your vehicle and also alert you when the speed is going off the limits. Google has recently added this feature to its Maps app and if your car’s speedometer is malfunctioning or broken, here’s how you can activate this feature.


  • Latest version of Google Maps
  • Working internet connectivity
  • Location services must be turned on

How to enable Speedometer in Google Maps


Open Google Maps and head to Settings


Under Navigation Settings, turn of Speedometer toggle

To enable this feature, head to Google Maps and tap on the three-dot icon from the top-left corner. From here, scroll down and go to ‘Settings’. As Speedometer feature is hidden inside the Navigation Settings section, tap on the Navigation Settings options.

Under the Navigation Settings, scroll down and locate the Speedometer option and turn the toggle to ‘On’

Now, head back to the home screen and start the navigation by entering any navigation, you’ll be able to see a small circle at the bottom left of the screen with speed of your car.

Also, the speedometer feature comes with a built-in alert system that plays an audio cue when the car is moving faster than the authorised speed for that particular road.

In case, you are not sure where to update the app to its latest version, head to Google Play Store on Android or Apple App Store on iPhone and search for Maps. Tap on it and again tap on Update button to initiate the process.

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