Google Message testing floating bubble conversation

Google introduced Android 10 Beta 2 this year for Pixel devices that have bubble notifications. The bubble notifications feature is very similar, like Facebook Messenger’s chat heads, and the floating feature is an ongoing process.



Google has started testing the floating conversation with bubble functionality. However, the feature did not make to a stable release of Android 10. The new bubble notification system is expected to replace the overlay API completely in a future release of Android.

The bubble notification is still an ongoing process and is in development. Users with Android 10 can enable it manually on their phones. They can go to Settings, tap the Developer Option, and enable the bubble.


The new bubble feature is not so new or different as compared to Facebook Messenger’s chat. It is as similar to Facebook Messenger’s chat where when you will receive a message, a visual notification will appear on top of the screen, so you don’t have to leave the work you are doing on other apps. You can drag the bubble anywhere on the screen and place it, or if you want to close, you can drag it to the bottom of the screen and dismiss it. You can also disable the Bubble if you want it from the Settings.


Google has encouraged developers to test the new API in their apps so that when the feature is enabled, the supported apps are ready in the Android 11 OS release.

Google is also testing the Bubble API on its messaging apps. They were preparing Google

Message App to support bubble notifications and suggested stickers.


However, it is to be noted that there is no official clarity or word from Google regarding the release of new features. Hopefully, it is expected that Google will disclose more details about the new feature when it is about to launch.

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