Google Messages to support Bubbles Chats on Android 10 soon

Google Messages is starting to test support for ‘Bubbles’ conversation on Android 10 supposedly. According to XDA reports Google announced Bubbles alongside Android 10 but decided to leave the feature in the OS for developers to offer a wider, consumer-facing release in Android 11.

While the support for the feature was initially added in the
second beta of Android 10 for Pixel devices, it wasn’t released at large on the
stable build. Eventually, as per reports suggests, the bubble notification
system could completely replace the overlay API in the future.

However, it is yet not clear whether this will be currently rolled out as a regular feature on Android 10 devices for now. With undergoing further testing for better support across other apps it exists only under the Developer Options. It was found that facilitating the Bubbles conversation option with the Developer Options on an Android 10 device makes this more usable in the Google Messages app.

You can go into the notification settings and enable Bubbles
in the latest version of the Messages app, version Android 10 users
can manually enable Bubbles API from within the “Developer Options: Settings
> Developer Options > Bubbles.”

While the feature can be enabled, it may not work all that
smoothly, considering it is mainly for developers to test and work on. However,
the official release date of the feature hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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