Google Photos app testing pinch-to-zoom for videos

Google Photos has been on a bit of a run in terms of adding features lately with the introduction of in-app messaging, manual photo tagging, and now it may be getting video zoom.

The team over at XDA Developers noticed that in the most recent update for Google Photos, version 4.33, showed testing code for a potential pinch-to-zoom in for videos. Though the new feature is in a testing phase within the Photos app, that doesn’t mean it will for sure make it to a public release.

A member of the XDA team was even able to manually access the feature to give a glimpse of how it might work. It seems that pinch-to-zoom in videos will work much as it does for a regular photo. This could come in handy for videos where you realize you may have been a little further away than you wanted after the moment has passed. Now, you’ll be able to zoom in to watch what you intended.

Since this feature isn’t official just yet, we’ll have to wait for Google to let us know all of the ins and outs of how it will work.

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