Google Stadia allows capturing images and small video clips on Android through the remote

Google Stadia continues its slow but steady progress. After the recent news that PUBG can now be played for free and that FIFA will arrive in the fall, news related to using Stadia on our Android devices.

From 9to5Google report that Stadia finally allows you to take screenshots on Android, not only at the level of capturing .jpeg files but also offering small clips of up to 30 seconds with the content we are playing.

Stadia already captures clips and captures on Android

Stadia Claw

Until now, when we pressed the Stadia capture button connected to an Android mobile, an error message was thrown. The function ran correctly on web and TV, but not on Android. Starting today, with the new driver update Stadia is receiving, we can enjoy this function when we are using the service with command on our Android mobile.

Stadia allows you to make a capture of several seconds saving a clip of the game or a screenshot to use

Stadia captures are triggered by the controller and allow you to save both screenshots and small clips of up to 30 seconds. A rather interesting function to save small fragments of our games and have them stored later.

If we want to record clips we have to keep the capture button pressed for 1 second If all we want is a screenshot, we must press the dedicated button once.

Despite the fact that the function is being implemented after a driver update, it is not yet clear if it is coming thanks to said update or if it is being distributed via server. In the last scenario, it may take a few days until it reaches all users.

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