Got New AirPods? Here Are 7 Things You Need To Do With Them


  • Apple AirPods have a lot of features to offer outside of its wireless earpiece
  • It is integrated with Siri and has new features introduced as of iOS 13
  • It can be paired with Android smartphones and even Windows computers

Apple’s AirPods have become increasingly popular since they were released in the market. Aside from their lack of wires for the user’s comfort, the AirPods have other nifty features that their owners can take advantage of. Here are some AirPods features and tricks that you can do.

Check Battery Life

Like most devices, AirPods runs with its own battery supply. Fortunately, the two AirPods have separate battery life as either can be used independently from each other.

To check its battery life, the user just needs to check the light on the AirPods and its charging case. No light on the AirPods means it out of battery. Amber light means that the device still has a good enough charge in its case. Green light means that there’s still a full recharge of battery waiting in its charging case.

Meanwhile, the AirPods also uses the light when pairing with devices too. If the light flashes white, it means that the AirPods has been reset and is not paired with any device at the moment. Lastly, the light flashes in an Amber color if its needs to be reset as it failed to pair.

Customize Gestures

Double-tapping the AirPods allows it to react with a gesture that allows easier interaction with music and podcasts without the need to pull out the smartphone. The tapping gestures on the AirPods can be changed in the Bluetooth options in the Settings app.

Customize Ear Tips

The AirPods also comes with customizable ear tips which helps users to use the earpieces comfortably. Apple provides not only the ability to change the tips but also an app that allows users to find the right one for them immediately. The Ear Tip Fit test can be found under the Bluetooth settings “I” button in the Settings app.

Play One Source of Audio To Two AirPods

One of the new iOS 13 features for AirPods is allowing two pairs of AirPods to get sounds from one source only. This feature can be found in the Control Center under the Now Playing options. The AirPlay button must be tapped and find your friend’s AirPods. Tapping the AirPod will pair both AirPods together which will allow you to listen to the same music, podcast, or video.

Ask Siri to Announce Messages Through AirPods

Apple’s AirPods can be integrated with Siri as the virtual assistant will now automatically read incoming messages for the user. This feature would allow users to check on their messages without the need to whip out the iPhone again.

Hey Siri Feature

The Hey Siri feature allows the AirPods to immediately activate Siri. Just say “Hey Siri” into the AirPods and she’ll take your requests and do it as if you asked her through the iPhone.

Track AirPods Location

Losing AirPods can be a problem due to its small size but Apple has a system to easily find it. If it has been paired with your device as long the Find my iPhone app is used. The user may need an internet connection and access to GPS maps for the area to use this feature.

AirPods Pro AirPods Pro Photo: Aconcagua

Pair It With Other Non-Apple Devices

Aside from using it for Apple devices, the AirPods can be used for Android smartphones and even Windows computers.

AirPods pairing to Android devices works similarly on iOS devices as it only needs to be found on the Bluetooth list. However, the AirPods may work closely similar to regular wireless earpieces as the Android doesn’t support the full features of the AirPods.

Lastly, using it on Windows computers requires users to look for the AirPods if the PC can detect Bluetooth devices and is enabled to pair with them.

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