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Finding difficulty in accessing an app? APK is a solution; your operating system is looking for.

APK stands for the Android package kit. It is also called an Android application package. When you can’t get access to the app to intend to be downloading using the Google play store or app store, you can download such an app for your Android using an APK file. APK files are the application packages for Android; it consists of all elements which require installing an Android application on your device efficiently.

How does it work?

APK files are similar to EXE files use to install the software in the operating system of windows. APK files mostly use to install or update an application manually. Such a file can directly download from Google play store or other websites available. When downloaded from other websites, these files are saved in Zip format. Files that are downloaded from Google play store install right after being downloaded. Whereas other source files are blocked until you check the box of unknown sources in security settings of your Android and allow those files to run after side loading. Some apk files are block in some countries and in some areas google play store is not working because of some restriction. And some times you need to read more before installing a need a detailed review about the apk software before buy the paid version.  So some of the leading and good platforms like apkpure is performing very well to help user in reading a detailed review about apk and download it. is another example of a good android apk review website.

  • Give access to the apps which are not available on play store or restricted in your country.
  • Enables reach to new and exciting app features as sometimes they leak before release.
  • It provides right away access, to the latest updates from Google which may reach your device may be in a week in the form of OTA update.
  • Give access to applications that are removed by the developer himself.
  • Other than Google, such websites provide detail information of Android applications regarding your need and customization you are looking for
  • Customer reviews on the website enable you to choose the right APK file according to your needs.

How to prevent virus?

Before downloading make sure the source you are using to download the APK file is trusted, secure and useful.

Even After downloading the files from a secure website, one can take few precautionary measures to protect the Android operating system from malware and other threats to avoid harmful APK files, scan the file first on a VirusTotal, by uploading it on this website before installing. It can identify viruses and other issues if files contain any. The second way is the use of hash droid. In this method, one has to match the SHA of an APK file with the SHA of the file given by the developer. It is the digital fingerprint of application. NViso APK scan is also an APK scanning app which gives the detail report after scan completion without any limit of size for APK file.

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