Here’s how you can “play” Super Mario Odyssey on Android

Another day, another one of these bizarre things happening on the internet. Today what we have here is a bizarre copycat (?) and also a remix (?) of Super Mario Odyssey, the one reason why I bought a Nintendo Switch a few months ago. This is allegedly a Chinese company (a surprise to no one) that made this Android “game”.

We can’t find the source. The game name is “文明大冒险” which I don’t know how to read. Here’s a YouTube video showing off Super Ripoff Mario Odyssey running on Android.

A few things that I personally want to comment here – Nintendo will never release any game that looks so horrendous. These developers butchered up the 3D models to be used in this ripoff game, and the movement is just horrible to look at.

The voice acting is also horrible. The story is a complete ripoff. There’s just no originality in this ripoff.

Super Mario Odyssey on Android ripoff
Hello, ugly-yet-dapper Bowser

Even then, the gameplay seems to be a beat-em-up type of genre. Just go out there and start spinning to kill all enemies around you. So what’s the fun in that? I don’t know, maybe the fact that you have Rabbids in this game as well?

Yeah, Rabbids from Rayman. Nintendo released a game called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch and it’s an RTS game. Here in this ripoff, we have the Rabbids but it’s not an RTS game… so what’s going on?

Super Mario Odyssey on Android ripoff
If you wanna try… click here.

These developers are even using parts of the cutscenes from Super Mario Odyssey directly, without any editing! And it’s in low-resolution too!

This guy also managed to play through the game with his commentary in it. I hereby bid these guys as heroes for going through this pain and suffering to bring us this video.

Each time I see a great game that just got ripped off, I feel disgusted. This is no different. Is this licensed by Nintendo? We can’t confirm, but we are pretty sure that it isn’t. I mean – just look at it. This is disgustingly ugly to be a Nintendo game.

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