How to check the numbers of the Christmas Lottery 2019 with an Android mobile

Not every day you have the chance to win 4 million euros (to the series) or 400,000 euros to the tenth. That is just what you can achieve with enough luck when choosing your numbers in the Christmas Lottery.

If you have the occasional hole to cover and you have played the Christmas Lottery this year, you do not need to listen to the children of San Idelfonso sing numbers without stopping, because technology once again goes to the rescue. Use these Android applications to check your lottery numbers with your mobile. Good luck!


TuLotero is one of the most popular applications on our list, with 500,000 downloads on Google Play and up. It has the advantage that you can use it throughout the year It is compatible with EuroMillions, Primitiva, Christmas and Child Lottery, BonoLoto, National Lottery, Quiniela and Gordo de la Primitiva draws.

You choose: scan your tickets and entries or add them manually and then find out in real time If you’re a millionaire or not. This is the Lite version with some restrictions, if you want the full version, you can download it from its website.

TuLotero - Lotteries - Christmas Lottery

TuLotero – Lotteries – Christmas Lottery

Christmas lottery 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, the developer of this application updates it to be available also for the 2019 Christmas Lottery draw. It is about a simple app and that serves only for the Christmas Lottery.

You can see the prize numbers in real time as well as check the prizes they have received according to the amount played. To achieve this, use the El País lottery results API.

Christmas lottery

Quite similar to the previous application, both in name and appearance as functions. It is also a simple app to see the results of the draw as well as check your numbers. A curious addition is that you can add notes on your tickets, to remember where you bought it or who you shared it with.

15 curiosities of the Google Play Store

The developer has not updated the list on Google Play to denote that it will be updated for the 2019 draw, although using El País data is quite likely to be so. Its advantages include graphs and statistics and that does not have advertising.

Christmas lottery 2019

In case we didn’t have enough applications with a similar name, here’s another one: Christmas Lottery 2019. It’s free and without ads and perhaps with one of the most current interfaces of the rest with which it shares its name.

As in the previous ones, you can add your numbers in advance and then see which prize corresponds to them, or look for numbers one by one, if you prefer. From the corresponding tab you will find the winning numbers for quick access.

Lottery – Sweepstakes Scanner

As the name implies, one of the main attractions of this application is the possibility of using the QR code reader and thus avoid having to type the combination manually. Another advantage is that it serves you for the National and Christmas Lottery, Bonoloto, Primitiva, Euromillions and Gordo de la Primitiva.

Probably the best thing is that you don’t even need to follow the raffle or open the application. You will receive a notification if you are a millionaire, and I can think of few better notifications that can reach you on the mobile than that.

Lottery and Betting Scanner

Lottery and Betting Scanner

SELAE official website

Although we would have liked to recommend the official application of State Lotteries and Betting, with a 1.9 in Google Play and countless negative comments, the best is better instead use the official draw website.

The website adapts well to the mobile screen, and it is after all the only official list with the winning numbers and in real time. Below you will find a search box where you can check your numbers.

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