How to send tabs, links and text from Chrome to your Android device

How to send tabs, links and text from Chrome to your Android device

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Google has just added some useful features to its cross-platform Chrome browser, so you can easily transfer text, links and even open tabs between your desktop and your Android mobile devices. It’s a piece of cake, but there are some simple things to do before you can start copying stuff.


You must be signed in to the same Google Account and have version 79 of the browser installed on all your devices.

To make sure you have it on Android, go to Google Play, go to My Apps & Games, and update Google Chrome from there. If the application is not listed, it is probably updated automatically.

On your desktop, click the menu button (the one with three dots on a line, near the top right corner), and find Help> About Google Chrome in the menu that appears. On the page that appears, update Chrome and restart the browser.

Then open a new browser tab and navigate to the chrome: // indicators. On the page that appears, you will see a list of experimental features that you can enable and disable. In the search field on this page, enter “Clipboard” and you will find three parameters: “Enable Receiver Device to Manage Shared Clipboard Function”, “Enable Signals from the Shared Clipboard Function”. manage “and” Synchronize clipboard services “.

Set all three to On in the drop down menus next to each of them, then restart your browser.