How to update Android Auto to the latest available version

Since Android is an operating system that fits perfectly on devices that go beyond the smartphone, Google took the opportunity to expand its horizons to almost any technological device with display. Even without it, there is a specific version for connected objects: Android Things. Of course, we will not focus on those objects since Google also has a specific version of the system for motorized vehicles: Android Auto.

If you have a car with a central display, Android Auto is perfect to complement all vehicle control since it offers entertainment, navigation and smartphone management from the console. Even if you don’t have a car compatible with Android Auto: the application can be downloaded to your smartphone to use its screen as centralized access to the content. Everything avoiding maximum distractions on the road.

Android Auto is a mature system version that has remained unchanged in recent years. Of course, this has changed recently since Google is thoroughly updating the system, especially its interface. Now, how to access these updates?

The mobile application is the key

Any vehicle compatible with Android Auto (as well as car radios that also have that compatibility) allows connection to an Android smartphone using a USB data cable (not only loading, it is important). There are also some devices that have the connection to the mobile enabled wirelessly: in this way it is not necessary to have a USB cable since the phone information is turned over to the car screen using wireless connectivity. In both cases, to update Android Auto always rIt is essential that a mobile phone with an Internet connection.

Android Auto: what it is and all compatible car models

Since the application of the car depends on the app installed on the phone, you need to have the latter updated. For it:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and make sure you have no updates.
  • Check for app updates that are not yet available for your phone. A good place to do it is Apk Mirror: just that download the latest version to your mobile and install the Apk. All files on that page are safe and signed by Google.

Once you update your mobile application, the most recent changes will pass to the vehicle as soon as you connect the smartphone via USB or Android Auto wireless. Now, not all improvements appear as you may have to activate the trial versions. It is done like this:

  • Open Android Auto on your phone and go to Settings, in the three lines menu.
  • In the options menu you may have the possibility of “Try the new Android Auto“Activate it.

Google has currently released a new interface for Android Auto with the possibility of remove applications that do not interest from the vehicle menu. In addition, it is possible to see the weather information always on the panel and the interface has been redesigned so that it is necessary to touch as little as possible to access the entire system.

Why was my Android Auto not updated?

Did you do all the previous steps and the screen of your vehicle or mobile does not show the latest changes of Android Auto? Unfortunately, aesthetic and functionality improvements are not always associated with the application, so It depends on Google activating them for your account. That is, you will receive the changes when it sounds like Google: many of the updates of its apps are gradual and they are activated from the server side.

It is convenient to keep the Android Auto application updated on the phone, also to be aware of its latest available versions. In addition, always connect the mobile to the car keeping the data rate active: With these simple steps you will open the door to the improvements that appear.

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