If your TubeMate app keeps crashing, you should probably try this

This trick should fix the annoying TubeMate app crashes.

There is no questioning the fact that TubeMate is one of the best video downloading apps for Android out there. However, just like every other app, TubeMate has its own issues that need to be taken care of. Unexpected crashes are notably one of the most annoying problems of the app.

And we might have just found the right fix for the said issue!

Solution 1: Try clearing cache and data

The first step you need to take to stop TubeMate crashes, or any Android app for that matter, is clearing the cache. To do so, head over to the Settings of the app in question and click the ‘Clear cache’ button.

After clearing the cache, tap the ‘Force stop’ option and then try restarting the app to check if that has fixed the issue.

If clearing cache hasn’t helped, we suggest you clear all the data related to the app by tapping the ‘Clear data’ option followed by the ‘Force stop’ button.

If that didn’t help either, you might wanna check out the second solution to fix the TubeMate crash issue.

Solution 2: Update the TubeMate app

If the TubeMate app either stops working or crashes every now and then on your Android phone, you might wanna make sure you are running the latest version of the app.

Sure, some features including music downloads have been removed in the latest versions of TubeMate, but having the latest version of an app has its own benefits too, including bug fixes and faster downloads.

It’s worth noting that TubeMate is the latest version of the app and is available for download via the official website. You need to make sure your Android phone is running this particular version of the video downloading service in order to avoid unexpected crashes while downloading videos from YouTube or other video streaming services.

Also, it is possible to install a newer version of the application without uninstalling the previous version and losing any data. All you need to do is run the new APK file. That should overwrite the existing version without getting rid of any previous data or files.

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