Keep Your Mobile Devices Secured: Update Apps Regularly

Written by Robert “Bob” Reyes

I believe in the saying, “An updated app keeps the malware away,” or so to speak. Outdated applications are among the many reasons why your mobile device(s) is deemed unsecured. It is something that can be compared to installing anti-virus software on your desktop or laptop computer, but the virus definition files were last updated ages ago.

As the mobile app industry evolves at a very fast rate, app maintenance — from the side of the end-user – has become part of our daily (digital) lives. Mobile operating systems improve overtime as new technologies are emerging.

Ways to Keep Mobile Apps Updated

If you are using either an Android or iOS device, both mobile operating systems give you the option to automatically update the applications installed on your device.

For Android devices, inside the Settings, make sure that “Auto Update Apps” is configured to use your preferred internet connection. While for iOS devices, you will need to go to the Settings of iTunes and App Store to enable “Automatic Downloads.”

Be cautious that when you enable Auto Update (Android) or Automatic Download (iOS) using mobile data, it may eat up a considerable amount of bandwidth (read as bill shock).

Prevent Malicious Attacks with Updated Apps

Just a few days ago, an MB Tech News article [] came out claiming that the SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) Engine in Firefox for Android version 68.11.0 has a vulnerability that may allow hackers to hijack your device over WiFi. Although there were no actual reports of any Firefox Daylight (the new name of Firefox for Android) users suffering from such attacks, it may be worth taking note that the latest version of the free mobile browser is 80.0 as of 31 August 2020. Since September 2019, the global non-profit shifted to a rapid release cycle that ensures a new version of Firefox (both for desktop and mobile) is out every four (04) weeks). If you have an updated version of Firefox Daylight, the SSDP Engine vulnerability will be the least of your worries.

Experts say that we need to check and ensure that our mobile apps are up-to-date at least once a month. For me, I made it part of my daily morning routine to check for app updates on my mobile device even before starting to enjoy my cup of coffee. Always remember: “An updated app keeps the malware away.”





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