League of Legends season 2020 to start on January 10

As Season 10 is set to end on League of Legends, Riot Games has already started teasing the upcoming season via its official Twitter handle. The recent tweet contains two images stating the name of the season and starting date. According to the two images posted on League of Legends official Twitter handle, the first image clarifies that the name of the upcoming season will be called Season 2020 along with the message, “In 5 days, we break them. The second post, however, clearly mentions the starting date of the season as January 10.

In another post, the company has posted another image as the countdown for the season to start by stating, “In 4 days, we hunt”.

Once the new season starts, the players rank will go down based on their performance over their placement matches as well as their performance as the games result in the League’s preseason.

Players will be assigned a provisional rank after their first ranked match and player will earn LP for each win. Players will have to play eight placement matches to see the current rank in the game.

Before the next season starts, the patch 10.1 for the game will hit the users two days before on January 8 and the patch version 10.1 is expected to bring new themes, add-ons, skins and more. The update will also include Sett, League’s newest juggernaut.

In another news, Riot Games, the developer of the game has also announced that they are planning to launch the game for Android, iOS and consoles next year. The game will be named League of Legends: Wild Rift and the developers have also confirmed that this will not be ported from the PC version.

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