Level-5 and Shonen Jump Announced ‘Megaton Musashi’

  • A co-op robot action RPG.
  • Coming to consoles and mobile devices.
  • Take the fight online, or play solo.



The annual Jump Festa has just concluded, and the 2020 event had plenty of reveals for fans of anime-based games. At the event, Level-5 released multiple gameplay videos, tons of information, screenshots, and a trailer for their upcoming co-op robot action RPG Megaton Musashi. A special thank you to Gematsu for covering and translating the information first.

Megaton Musashi is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. As of now, there is no release window, but those were at the event were able to play the Nintendo Switch version. Jump Festa 2020 takes place from the 21st of December, until the 22nd at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. If you’re excited for the title, or it’s caught your eye, what platform will you be getting it on?

Megaton Musashi is being developed as part of a collaboration between Shonen Jump and developer Level-5, and it is a cross-media project. Megaton Musashi will feature online battles where players control gigantic mechas. You use RPG elements as you pilot these robots to fight along others to stop devastating alien invaders. These robots are a result of global cooperation, and based off of Earth technologies.

Players will need to use each type of robot’s strengths to defeat enemies. Finding the best robot that suits your play style will help you better achieve victory. Every robot has special traits that result in better attack power, defensive ability, and recovery. Building your strategies around these traits, and communicating with other players, will make all the difference. Intense battles, and even dialogue scenes will occur during them between characters. The robots are broken down as follows:


  • Musashi is the strongest giant robot created through a concentration of Earth technologies. Its body stands over 60 meters tall and has a combination of three modules.
  • In addition to standard attacks such as its Photon Revolver, it also has a special weapon called the Defusion Blaster that it fires from its chest.


  • A support-type rogue that specializes in long-range combat.


  • A melee-type rogue that specializes in close-range combat.

Combine Parts

  • Freely combine parts to customize your very own robot. The amount of potential combinations is endless.

Are you excited for Megaton Musashi? What would you like to see from the title? I’m all for Mecha games, and Level-5 always creates fantastic games, so I’m excited to see more from this title. To stay up to date on Megaton Musashi, make sure to follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website.


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