Mario Kart Tour multiplayer already has an arrival date on Android and iOS

Mario Kart Tour will receive multiplayer mode on March 8.


The mobile game Mario Kart Tour, available on iOS and Android, will receive multiplayer as soon as this weekend.

Nintendo announced the week of March 2 that this new game mode will arrive on Sunday, March 8, on both digital platforms. Nintendo even said that the update with this feature will be ready at 8:00 pm US Pacific time that day, so that users are on the lookout and ready to start competing.

Multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour will work like in any other game: gamers They can search for a match and compete against friends who are close to the user, search for a match against friends within the game, or seek a race against random users from around the world.

Mario Kart Tour came to iOS and Android since September of last year. The title quickly gained adherents and became the Most downloaded Nintendo mobile game in its first week of availability. The milestone was achieved despite the game reaching users without multiplayer support, leaving users with only the option to compete against rivals controlled by the same game.

Nintendo’s game follows the format free-to-play of other games of the Japanese firm. Players can download it at no cost and most of the basic features are also free. Payments start to apply when if players want to buy passes or in-game items. Items that can be purchased range from $ 1.99 to $ 69.99.

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