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Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta has finally become available in the hit iOS and Android game, but only for select players. Mario Kart Tour fans have been waiting months for multiplayer functionality to be added after the Nintendo smartphone game launched in September. And almost three months after its initial launch the multiplayer beta has finally been added to Mario Kart Tour.

However, there’s a catch – with the Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta only available right now to those that subscribe to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass.

The Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass costs £4.99 a month, but first time users can enjoy a two week free trial.

And those who activate their Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass free trial can take part in the multiplayer beta, which runs for over a week.

In a post online Nintendo explained: “A real-time multiplayer beta test available for subscribers to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass will be held during the following period.

“From approximately 11pm PT on December 18 2019 to 9.59pm PT on December 26 2019.

“Players in their Gold Pass free trial period are eligible to participate.”

The post goes onto say: “This is a beta test for the multiplayer mode.

“Please be aware that the following issues may occur depending on the specifications of your device, as well as the condition of your network connection and the connections of the players you’re matched with.”

Nintendo added: “Certain multiplayer specifications will change between its beta test and its full release.

“Therefore, multiplayer save data generated during this beta test cannot be carried over to the full multiplayer release.

“By playing this beta version, you do so at your own risk and accept that the game may include known or unknown bugs, that your beta-test progress and multiplayer data in the game may be erased at any time, and that playing this beta test may cause your device’s battery to drain faster than normal and/or operate at slightly higher temperatures.”

It was recently revealed that Mario Kart Tour is the most downloaded free game from the App Store for 2019.

Despite launching late on this year, Mario Kart Tour was more popular on Apple’s App Store than household gaming heavyweight Fortnite.

Mario Kart Tour was also more popular on the App Store than Call of Duty Mobile, which also launched late on in 2019.

This is despite controversies surround the pricing model for Mario Kart Tour among some fans.

The Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription works out as costing more than a year’s worth of Switch Online.

Subscribing to the Gold Pass for 12 months is also more expensive than purchasing a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.

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