Microsoft on eBay has the Asus ROG Phone on sale for as little as $400

At one point not that long ago, it seemed like hardcore gaming-friendly smartphones could become the industry’s next big thing, as even Samsung was rumored to be interested in competing directly against Razer and Asus. But we’re guessing the world’s number one mobile device vendor remembered its flagships are already capable of running the most graphically-demanding Android games without a hitch.

While that’s essentially true of all high-end handsets powered by the latest and greatest Qualcomm silicon, we can definitely understand why someone would find something like the Asus ROG Phone appealing. Especially when the 2018-released Snapdragon 845 powerhouse is available starting at a very reasonable $399.99 instead of an arguably excessive $899.99 list price.
As the second-gen ROG Phone is up for grabs for the same 900 bucks with a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 12 gigs of memory, and 512 gigs of internal storage space, the original model certainly doesn’t justify its MSRP anymore. But $400 is a pretty low price to ask for such an unconventional-looking device with a generous 8GB RAM and 128GB local digital hoarding room on deck, as well as a 6-inch AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, a respectable 12 + 8MP dual rear-facing camera setup, a hefty 4,000mAh battery, headphone jack, excellent speakers, and perhaps most importantly for the handset’s target audience, a 3D vapor-chamber cooling system preventing overheating during lengthy gaming sessions.

Although this interesting deal is available on eBay, you won’t have to put your trust in some shady vendor promising to ship a fully functional refurbished unit of some sort. Instead, you’re looking at brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged devices sold by none other than Microsoft. The same reputable seller of in-house Surface tablets and laptops, as well as third-party mobile devices, can also hook you up with a 512GB storage variant of the Asus ROG Phone at $549.99, which is technically 550 bucks lower than the usual price of that particular configuration.

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