More Game Boy-Styled Horror in ‘The Third Shift’

Way back at the start of June, we mentioned a new Game Boy horror game you can play for free called Deadeus. Leave it to the crowd over at to have another one in the works with Teebowah Games’ The Third Shift.

While not exactly a Game Boy game (more “a Game Boy styled horror game”), The Third Shift is certainly styled to look like it belongs on Nintendo’s beloved grey brick. The story for the game is simple: You are the new employee at the Roanoke Museum of History and Wonder. You have to earn your paycheck. Switching between first and second/third person, you must watch your stamina and sustain your mental faculties as you patrol the halls and complete your third shift.

The Third Shift is still in development at the moment, but you can download the demo, either for PC or for Android devices. The demo contains about an hour’s worth of gameplay, with a good combination of horror and puzzle-solving.

Props to DreadXP for finding this one.

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