New Esports Fantasy App, DraftBuff, Now Free to Download on Android and iOS

Anyone that has followed esports and has been craving a streamlined and completely free fantasy app may finally be in luck. DraftBuff, a new fantasy esports app created by Dylan “ReyDelPlatanos” Sena and Kaustubh “KGPasta” Garimella has now launched. DraftBuff will provide users the ability to play in fantasy leagues for several esports titles, all on one easy-to-use app that’s available on both Android and iOS.

Esports Titles Supported by DraftBuff

  • OWL (Overwatch League)
  • LCS (League of Legends North America)
  • LEC (League of Legends Europe)
  • CDL (Call of Duty League)

*The creators of DraftBuff also have plans of adding CS:GO, DOTA and several other titles in 2020.

These leagues offer snake-style drafts and give users the ability to manage their fantasy roster throughout the esports season. The app features group chat, taunting emotes, unique avatars, and there will be a lot more coming soon to create a sense of community within each league. DFS-style fantasy leagues and some other fun twists are also coming to the app soon, according to the creators.

Image Courtesy of DraftBuff

DraftBuff’s Mission

Company CEO Dylan “ReyDelPlatanos” Sena shared some of the heart behind the new app with The Game Haus:

“Our mission at DraftBuff is to make esports more fun and social through our free to play, fantasy esports games. Twitch does a fantastic job of capturing the quirky, social aspects of gamers during the stream. But when the stream ends, there’s not much for esports fans to do outside the live event. The existing mainstream solutions that try to solve this are all gambling platforms. Our goal at DraftBuff is simple: to bridge the esports community together centered around fantasy. To give esports fans the same sense of community that my dad and brother have with their traditional sports friends.

To keep up more with the DraftBuff team and get all the latest news and updates on the app, make sure to follow their Twitter account and join their Discord server. Links to download the app through the Google Play and Apple app stores are linked both here and previously in the article.

Below are screenshots that were taken from within the app, displaying several different features.

cdl fantasy
Image Courtesy of DraftBuff
lcs fantasy
Image Courtesy of DraftBuff
Image Courtesy of DraftBuff




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