New Trailer for ‘Dino Crisis’ Fan Project Unleashed

  • New footage to sink your teeth into.
  • Watch Regina claw against the odds to survive.
  • Another dinosaur joke here.


Remember a few months ago when I reported on the Dino Crisis fan project in the works by Team Arklay’s? I’d forgive you if it flew under the radar. There are so many fan projects for different game series in the works these days, and almost always they meet an untimely end, either due to development hardships or companies issuing cease and desists. Some games get lucky and show some major progress, though, and after seeing this latest trailer, I hope Team Arklay’s is able to see it through to completion.

In a little over three minutes, we get a better look at the recreation of the environments of 1999’s Dino Crisis, as well as glimpses of combat against raptors, and even the intimidating T-Rex. It still looks rough around the edges, but after 20 years since the original release, I’ll take anything Dino Crisis related that I can get. The environments in particular are very impressive, benefiting from the use of Unreal Engine 4. The lighting, industrial color palette, and feeling of isolation shine through rather well. The setting of the facility on Ibis Island are captured perfectly. 

It’s the character model design and dinosaur animations that still need the most work, from the looks of it. The dinosaur models themselves look great, but their movement is very stiff and quite awkward to look at during certain points. The T-Rex animations are better but still show some room for improvements at this time. My biggest complaint is Regina’s character model itself. From behind she looks fine, and barring the common theme of stiff movements, perfectly acceptable. But when they show her face, I was surprised by the lifeless void staring at me. Was it Regina, or was this some sort of unfeeling android? It’s important to note this is still very much a work in progress, but I’m just giving the feedback where I feel it’s necessary.

The shining moment of the trailer though comes in the form of a twist in the closing moments, and one that came so far out of left field that I can admit I went into full fanboy mode when it happened. After another smaller incident with the time altering Third Energy, Regina awakens in what looks to be a pocket between time and space; she’s in a fragment of different realities, confused and in a daze. A character begins to walk on screen in, what appears to be an older man in military garb. Now at first I thought this was going to be some sort of flashback regarding Regina’s squadmate Gail, but when Regina drew her gun on him I knew that couldn’t be the case. I noted the TRAT marking on his back then when he spoke, there was no doubt in my mind who it was.

It seems Team Arklay’s is doing more than just a remake, but a reimagining in some aspects, as I’m certain that Regina actually encountered the 2055 version of Dylan Morton. Dylan, who served as a protagonist in Dino Crisis 2 alongside Regina, encountered a hologram of his future self shortly before the end of the game. Could Team Arklay’s be attempting to tie up loose ends left by Dino Crisis 2? It certainly appears that way. Either way, the surprise appearance got me incredibly hyped.

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