Night mode on your smartphone may actually be keeping you awake

Smartphone apps have gradually evolved over time to become more feature-rich and capable. Software app developers have continuously tried to make the apps more seamless, feature-rich and comprehensive. All this has really been a slow and evolutionary upgrade. However, one thing that has been common across all the apps is the inclusion of “dark mode”. Dark mode or Night mode has been one of the most popular trends across popular apps across iOS and Android. In addition to the apps, Google and Apple have also introduced the “Night mode” in Android and iOS. This mode is an extension to the eye-care night mode that has been around for much longer.

Night mode or eye-care mode may not be as helpful

A number of Android-based skins and standalone Android apps have long been on Google Play Store offering the night mode. Most of the apps and built-in OS-based features claim that this feature helps reduce eye strain. In addition, the feature also claims that users can sleep easily with the help of the features. To clarify the eye-care night mode increases the temperature of the screen while dark mode just changes the UI elements to black color. However, according to new research, it looks like the dark mode is not really helpful to users. Instead of helping users sleep early and better, it seems the increased temperature on the screen causes the opposite effect.

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According to research by Dr. Tim Brown, it looks like the blue light does not disrupt any sleep. In fact, Yellow light is worse for sleep as per The Guardian. So, in practice, the increased temperature on the smartphone display likely keeps the smartphone user awake for a longer time. Initial science behind the theory was correct but it did not take into account the difference between brightness and color.

Brown clarified that the Cone system in eyes that detects the color of the light works in the opposite manner. The study also noted that the brightness of the light helps or disrupts sleep. Talking about the color, Blue color is more relaxing and sleep-inducing rather than the yellow.

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