Poker Solitaire 5/9 (FREE) – Second game app created ever, by a lone dev. Just released on iOS and Android, any feedback? – Indie Showcase

Animated gif of a FULL HOUSE hand in Poker Solitaire 5/9

Any feedback will be really appreciated. ? The game just got released on both platform.

POKER SOLITAIRE 5/9 on the App Store:

POKER SOLITAIRE 5/9 on Google Play:

It’s a “climb-the-leaderboards” kind of game, that can be played offline.

Official description:
Nine cards Poker that plays solo!

Create the best poker hands by choosing 5 out of 9 cards.

Play smart and think ahead by keeping good cards for the next turn too.

There is luck involved but a good dose of strategy will net you big scores!

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