Quick tips for 2020: how not to lose your cables, chargers and other devices when exercising

Quick tips for 2020: how not to lose your cables, chargers and other devices when exercising

The technological accessories that you should include in your travel bag
Ed Bott shares his checklist of the devices he needs to stay on, productive and entertaining while traveling. Read more: https://zd.net/2DkOTM5

During the past month, I spent a lot of time working on the move, and that means that sometimes I have established a temporary “office” in a cafeteria or restaurant. But the more equipment you have, the greater the chances of losing something (or, I think, “donate it”). This is how I managed to start 2020 with the team I had in 2019.

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Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

I owe it to my grandfather. “Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place,” he used to say (he said it in Welsh, but the feeling was the same).

It works for me to have a good method to carry my things. Pockets are always a compromise.

I tend to pack my computer in the Honda Maxpedition package, which contains my MacBook Pro, the charger and other parts. I also have a Maxpedition Wolfspur bag for shorter trips, which easily consumes an iPad Pro, charger, cables, with many sandwiches, water bottles and other pieces.

My hard working Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger package

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Get used to checking pockets and bags

I have a habit of unconsciously patting my pockets from time to time, verifying that I still have everything I hope to have: smartphone, wallet, pen, multitool. It is a good habit to enter, not in an obsessive way, but occasionally, when getting up from a seat or moving by public transport or in a busy place.

Keep zippers and zippers of bags closed

It’s amazing how many people I see walking with his backpack or his messenger bag ajar (I saw it a few moments ago: a boy’s backpack was open and his iPad was hanging, ready to fall or be stolen). Again, get used to checking the zippers and brooches in your bags.

Use technology to keep your technology safe

Have “Find my” active on your iOS and Android devices. It is one of those things for which you will be grateful if you lose something.

I’ve also been using a lot of Tile tags lately, and he’s been a constant companion in Europe, watching my wallet, backpack and luggage. The hardware and software have worked perfectly, and I highly recommend the equipment.

A Tile Slim tirelessly watching my wallet while traveling

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Make your team distinctive!

I have discovered that one of the best ways not to lose things is to make it distinctive. Not only is it more difficult to inadvertently leave something that stands out, but it also makes it less likely that someone else likes it. I find those distinctive velcro patches on the bags (stick them if you don’t want someone to take them out) and reflective tape on bags, chargers and even cables (the SOLAS marine grade tape will survive years of hard use, and will cling to most of the surfaces) pays for itself.

During the night, I have discovered that the TEC Accessories Velcro Embrite patch is very useful for tracking my bag (it is also a useful visual for not tripping over or stepping on it!).

My charging cables are also quite distinctive: I like bright red Amazon Basics cables!

My things may seem silly, but they are my things, I don’t feel like making other people think, and this seems to be an effective way to keep my things as mine.

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