Samsung and Microsoft begin rollout of gallery and OneDrive integration

Samsung and Microsoft announced several aspects of a partnership in August, including OneDrive natively integrating with the Galaxy Note 10 photo gallery. Microsoft announced that the feature begins to roll out today in Europe, with devices in the U.S. set to receive it soon.

The integration replaces Samsung Cloud in the photos gallery and allows people to sync photos and videos to OneDrive directly from the gallery app. These images and videos can then be viewed in the OneDrive app on iOS, Android, or Windows, as well as on the web. A new photo experience arrives in January for OneDrive online that loads images quickly and has a timeline bar.

Breaking down the Microsoft and Samsung partnership

This integration is another part of Samsung and Microsoft’s growing relationship. In addition to Microsoft’s strong app effort on Android, the Galaxy Note 10 has several features that pair it well with Windows 10. People can use a Windows 10 device as a monitor for Samsung DeX, and connect their Galaxy Note10 to Windows 10 with the Link to Windows.

Biggest and best

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Enhanced Microsoft mobile experiences on flagship Samsung hardware.

This is the closest to a Microsoft-made Android phone you’re going to get for now. The device packs the latest and greatest specifications inside a premium build and rocks the latest integrations from Microsoft that improve the Your Phone experience on Windows 10, along with many of Microsoft’s apps on Android.

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