Tencent and Nvidia partners to develop cloud-based gaming service START

Dec 18, 2019 (China Knowledge) – China’s gaming and internet giant Tencent Holdings (0700) is set to partner with U.S. technology titan Nvidia to develop and launch a cloud-based gaming service platform in China. The platform, referred to as ‘START’, will used cloud technologies to introduce various video games to China.

According to Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, Tencent will provide its propriety game platform, while Nvidia will support via the provision of central processing units. The collaboration will enable both companies to leverage on their respective strengths to create a comprehensive cloud-based game services platform into the Chinese market.

In addition, both companies also aim to serve millions of gamers with the START platform, with key focus in gaming experience. The platform will focus in the speed and compatibility of the games to provide gamers access to wide library of titles over the cloud.

The START platform is believed to be compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS operating systems.

A innovation lab focusing in the research and development of video games is also in the plans of both companies through the partnership. Both companies will look into integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into game engines and video game development.

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