TFT Mobile or Dota Underlords? See comparison of mobile games

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and Dota Underlords are Auto Chess games available for download on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones and PCs. The first game emerged as a League of Legends (LoL) mode in 2019 and was released in a mobile version in 2020 by Riot Games. The second is developed by Valve and inspired by the DotA 2 universe. Both are free to download on smartphones. See below a comparison between the minimum specifications, gameplay and functions of games in their mobile versions.

Minimum requirements
Both games have free downloads. The minimum requirements for downloading Teamfight Tactics on your phone are 1.5 GB of RAM and 64-bit hardware minimum. The login must be done with the official Riot Games account, and the minimum supported operating systems are iOS 9 and Android 7 and up. Dota Underlords requires slightly less space, with 1.1 GB of RAM and support from Android 5 and iOS 11.0.

Mobile interface
As it was developed from the beginning to be played on a mobile platform, Dota Underlords has a more fluid and intuitive interface, with virtually no difference in the interface of the two versions. On the other hand, TFT came up with only one game mode for the PC and has undergone some adaptations for cell phones. Thus, players who are more used to the game on the computer will have to adapt with the information divided into tabs, unlike all of them visible at the same time.

Mobile gameplay
The mobile version of Teamfight Tactics included a tutorial, which can be accessed in the main lobby on the cell phone. Dota Underlords also has the feature, in addition to a mode against bots of different difficulties to practice. Apart from the different interface adapted to the screens of cell phones, none of the games have much difference from their versions for PC, especially something that influences gameplay.

Both games run well on notebooks, with Dota Underlords taking the lead a little bit in terms of uninterrupted fluidity. In some rounds of Teamfight Tactics there are some small FPS crashes and drops, especially towards the end of the game, when there are many pieces on the field and against some monsters. But this does not affect the gameplay and the results of the matches. Despite the crossplay, TFT does not have the option of voice or text chat, making it difficult for players to communicate within the game.

With a redesigned lobby and crossplay, TFT has plenty of room to improve some of its problems. As the game has just been released on mobile, it is expected that it will receive updates that improve this experience. Dota Underlords, on the other hand, is a game already established on notebooks, and with a little more simplicity in its gameplay. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

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