The 5 best new apps worth checking out this week

Regular like clockwork, it’s time for the latest entry in our best new apps of the week article. This week, the first of 2020, we’ve hand-picked five new applications from the Google Play Store that are worth taking a second look at. Thanks as always to our community for your suggestions.

Johnny Trigger

This action platformer game comes from SayGames. The title stars Jonny, a trigger-happy agent straight out of the James Bond series of “Double O” movies. The game hits that sweet spot that’s key to gaining traction on mobile – easy to pick up, but difficult to master. You’ll guide Johhy Trigger through a series of levels as he performs jumps, flips, and headshots as you look to take down the mafia. It’s also free to play and the ads are not overbearing.

You can download this game from the Google Play Store at this link.

Ring Master

Ever felt that jolt when a loud ringtone rips through what was a tranquil atmosphere? Ringing phones can be real mood killers, but we all need to know when an important call is coming in, so what’s the solution? AppTuners thinks it’s cracked it. Ring Master is an app that allows you to gradually and automatically increase the volume of ringtones so that you won’t be taken aback anymore. There are loads of customizable settings in the app, such as an option to vibrate first and then ring later, perfect for those moments when you can’t feel your phone vibrating in your jacket pocket, for example. It also works with popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, and WeChat.

ring master app
Ring Master works with the most popular messaging apps. / © AppTuners

You can download this app from the Google Play Store at this link.


As we move into 2020 online security and data protection are becoming more and more important to mobile users. We’ve been through a bunch of leaks, hacks, and breaches over the past 12 months, so this year it’s time to tighten up your security. Draeneg is an app that allows you to see what’s going on in the network, analyzing traffic to see what’s happening with your data to make sure that your applications are compliant with your privacy. You can scan apps and websites to see how your personal data is being used by them too. That’s a very useful tool for the privacy-conscious smartphone users of the new decade.

draeneg app 1
Stay safe online with the Draeneg network monitoring app. / © Orange Services SRL

You can download this app from the Google Play Store at this link.


Cometin is a box of tricks for your Android smartphone. Rather than offer a single functionality, this app is designed to fill in all the gaps that your smartphone manufacturer left out! That means adding features such as an ambient display, a caffeine feature to keep the display always on, and darker brightness settings. You can choose which features you want to download and which ones you don’t need to add – either because your phone already has them or you simply don’t care about that feature – and there is no need to root your device to use Cometin. The only downside is that there have been issues with users of Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI. The developer is pretty open about this, so we wouldn’t advise Xiaomi owners to delve too deeply into this one.

unnamed 7 3
A brand new box of tricks for your Android smartphone. / © Stjinb

You can download this app from the Google Play Store at this link.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac

We finish this week’s roundup with another mobile game. Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac is an officially licensed hero collection strategy RPG based on Masami Kurumada’s renowned Saint Seiya Anime series from the mid-80s. All of your favorite heroes and villains are all in here, and there are Team Synergies and Epic Battles to keep the turn-based gameplay exciting. You’ll have to work hard to build your dream team of Saints, but you’ll be able to test your skills against other players in real-time PvP battles. The game uses the classic free-to-play with in-app-purchases model that’s so popular these days. You know what to expect here. A little patience means you’ll get a great game for free.

You can download this game from the Google Play Store at this link.

Do you know of any other applications that are worth a look this week? Share them in the comments section below.

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