The best iPhone and Android puzzle games

The best iPhone and Android puzzle games


Perhaps no genre is more synonymous with mobile platforms – especially iPhone or Android devices – than puzzle games. Low-intensity input is good for a buttonless device, and the pace of these games plays well with the low session time, start-and-stop nature of mobile gaming. Nowadays, puzzle games also take on so many unique forms that a top list in the genre can produce completely different looking games.

As you will see below, we have our own list of titles that we believe are the best puzzle games on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

What are the best puzzle games for iPhone and Android?

  1. Powernode
  2. Divide by sheep
  3. Eloh
  4. Where shadows lurk
  5. Evergarden
  6. Infinite West
  7. Lara Croft GO
  8. The room three
  9. Framed 2
  10. Mini Metro
  11. Beglitched
  12. Cosmic Express


Developer: Opal Games
platforms: iOS & Android
Price: $ 1.99


With a visual aesthetic that reminds us of the rather excellent Mini Metro, Powernode is a fun and challenging puzzle that allows you to connect power generators to nodes to prevent them from disappearing. Cables are permanent and you have more nodes that require attention than you have power crystals, so planning is the key. However, new nodes appear when you complete existing nodes, and throw an increasingly complex set of keys into your complex power network.

It has a few minor issues, but this is an excellent, well-thought-out puzzle game and perfect for anyone looking for a challenge with numbers and planning. Read our Powernode review for more!

Mini Metro

Developer: Dinosaur Polo Club
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 4.99

Logistics makes the world run. These often fall apart into mathematical and logical puzzles, even to the point that we have fields dedicated to studying the topology of nodes. But maybe this doesn’t matter and you just have to go to work. Well, Mini Metro folds it all up and creates a fun, minimalistic puzzle about ordering and arranging the right trains at the right time to complete the right route. So, programming motion to achieve specific goals, and tinkering with that goal. Some puzzles rely too much on shifts in perspective or tricks of the light to interpret what happens afterwards; not so with Mini Metro.

The needs and requirements of the puzzles are always clear, the question is in advance: the only thing the player has to deliver is the way forward, that vital connection that will close the gap and bring everything together. Don’t forget to view our Mini Metro review. If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, the spiritual continuation of this Mini Motorways game is one of our favorite puzzle games available through the subscription services


Developer: Broken rules
iOS Universal, Android
$ 2.99

ELOH is a cheap and cheerful puzzle game that is especially great on telephones. It is a kinetic game that is colorful, challenging and with great attention to detail. The basic challenge is to place blocks in the right positions to make balls bounce in the right holes. There is a slight rhythmic element in this, and as things get more complicated, the blocks take on more creative forms. For example, some will move along a specific axis.

None of the puzzles takes more than a few minutes to clear your way, but there are more than eighty, so you look at a few good hours of gameplay for your minimal upfront investment, and no IAPs to boot! Read our ELOH review for more.

Where shadows lurk

Developer: Game Revenant
iOS Universal, Android
$ 4.99

This is an excellent choice for fans of both the Monument Valley and GO games from Square. It lacks the variety and degree of ‘smartness’ that other games possess, but there is an ingenuity in the design that still works great to scratch that itch. The use of light and dark to change the scene for you is very creative.

This is a maze-based puzzle game with intuitive controls and a satisfying gameplay loop. Atmospheric and imaginative, Where Shadows Slumber is a worthy new addition to our ‘best of’ schedule and you can read our full review for more information.


Developer: Flippfly
iOS Universal
$ 4.99

This recent release is an easy inclusion in our best-of-collection, not only because of its accessible nature, but also because it requires a lot of careful thought and planning. It is more a high-score puzzle game than anything else, but the floral theme and impressive nuances make for a number of entertaining sessions. Evergarden developers estimate that it will take four to eight hours for the game to be fully explored. After this it’s all about breaking the global top score tables.

Consequently, it is more a Tetris high-score chaser than the type of puzzle game where you have to challenge your wits against increasingly difficult levels. Unlocking all the secrets of the game does not require particularly high skill levels, just the perseverance to keep playing and adding to your gem collection. Read our Evergarden review for more.

Infinite West

Developer: APE-X games
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free with IAPs

Infinite West is a puzzle game that looks more like board game than match-3. It is hard to find who has had a greater influence on it, the bleak motif of the West series by Ed Porter / Sergio Leone or the much-praised GO series from Montreal. What is easy to see is that APE-X developers have a clear respect for both and have done their best to emphasize what makes both strong while adapting to a unique vision. Performance hunting and score hunting in Infinite West can throw you into that fiery, ‘another map’ loop because of the solid core concept, and the presence of IAPs is by no means a dealbreaker if you get a modest amount for free anyway. We offer a more detailed overview of all this in our Infinite West review.

Lara Croft GO

Developer: Square Enix
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 7.49, $ 4.99

Many a Sterling series has known its reputation through weaker submissions. In particular, second-year waste, that challenge to conquer again what made the original great without slavish repetition. Every member of the GO series has his unique merits and mechanics, but Lara Croft GO stands as the best series. Hitman GO was plagued by strange turn-counter challenges that only offer derivative challenges and extend play time without expanding content; Deus Ex GO’s grand plan for daily challenges and community-generated puzzles largely fell flat, but Lara Croft GO along with its two extensions hit the perfect spot of challenge, presentation and pacing.

His targeted treasure hunt will keep the best mind, most every mind, really busy. (There is even a maddening game with hidden objects to unlock cosmetic goodies if one of those things you don’t want) The solutions were exclusive and in many cases immune to the kind of brute-force, mindless spam movements to puzzle, and the whole adventure felt exactly the same. Read our Lara Croft Go review for more.

Cosmic Express

Developer: Draknek Limited
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 4.99

Nice little aliens harumph and squeeze themselves into unlikely spherical compartments as they commute to their destinations in space. In Cosmic Express the puzzles are pick-and-delivery, where train paths are drawn for a route that does not allow cross-overs or doubling-back. The game contains a lot of levels and becomes surprisingly difficult (or rather: uncompromising, because difficulty is always a relative, judgmental term) rather than later.

Each level feels crystal clear afterwards; nothing is superfluous. Cosmic Express makes its way through the galaxy and makes its way to your heart. View our full Cosmic Express review if you want to know more about it.


Developer: Alec Thompson
platforms: iOS
Price: $ 3.99

Beglitched is the story of the sudden disappearance of the Glitch Witch from a computer operating system and the sudden search of the player to train and replace her. You open “files” to find items, other avatars and programs and enemies. The game is divided between the land mode, which uses a minesweeper-like method to share connecting spaces, and the match-three combat mode. The tone is light and quirky and the level design is well inspired and gimmicky. Limitations, correctly applied, stimulate creativity. (Or else we would be “think outside the box” without the phrase). Beglitched was released without much fanfare and was then transferred to mobile, where it shines even more because of its screen-in-a-screen.

Framed 2

Developer: Love nest
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 4.99

The search for the story is the story in Framed 2. Smart sharing and recombining what made the original so great, the sequel refines and refreshes the original conceit. Comic book action meets stealth in a cheesy noirish setting. You could even say … re-frames … what made the original great. Yes, it’s probably the shortest and easiest exhausted member of this list, but it still has a little extra panache that deserves some special attention. There are games that you can play for months or years to unravel their mysteries or refine skills.

Then there are those games that you can consume in the afternoon, making the whole experience a unified and unbroken memory. List 2 belongs to the last category, a class of short puzzles that are definitely worth playing. We have a review of Framed 2 if you want to know more about what we thought of it.

The room three

Developer: Fire resistant games
platforms: iOS, Android
Price: $ 3.99

What can be said about the Room series that has never been said before? Are excellent value and construction, or the heaps of critical distinctions? Not to mention the many jokes about identity errors that are based on the film with the same name. Puzzle boxes are a unique tactile treat that reduces a world to a single object and then propels it to open it based on nothing more than curiosity and the hint that something could wait inside. The Room has digitized this experience as well as possible, while the experience has become portable and affordable and simply a mysterious secret.

View our The Room Three review if you want to know more about what we thought.

Divide by sheep

Developer: tinybuild LLC
platforms: iOS
Price: $ 2.99

This gem was released in 2015, but it was brought to our attention earlier this year, simply because I was asked to rate a game that we had not reviewed before and selected it. (Because reasons?-EDAnyway, this is a lively and friendly educational puzzle game that uses math, and is an excellent example of hay-day app store design practices. It’s a little lighter than your usual funfair, and some of the puzzles can be brutally forced, but if you’re looking for something different and accessible to meet your puzzle needs, you can do worse than this four-year-old diamond in the rough.

Although this game is available on Android, it apparently does not work with the newer OS versions.

Apple Arcade puzzle games

Apple Arcade seems to be flooded with puzzle games from more than 100 games. We’ve viewed and reviewed a handful of them so far, and here’s a brief summary of our favorite puzzle games available through Apple’s new subscription service:

  • Mini highways
  • Whetstone
  • The Bradwell conspiracy
  • The Enchanted World

More puzzle game Recommendations

A combination of previous greats and readers’ recommendations – we like to turn games in and out of the list, so anything worthy of what is not mentioned above ends up here:

What would your list of the best puzzle games look like? Let us know in the comments!


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