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If you want to read these Google Duo tips and tricks, you should first know that Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps available on both Android and iOS. This application was launched in 2016 together with Google Allo, although Google would stop offering support for Allo any time soon.

However, it seems that Google Duo is not going anywhere since it is a big competitor to Apple’s FaceTime. Which is available exclusively on iOS and Mac, while Google Duo is available on Android and also on iOS.

In this way, the Google Duo application is quite easy to use since there are not a lot of unnecessary features. However, there are some tips to make the most of this application. For this reason, you will see that Google Duo tips and tricks have for you many great functions that will make you a frequent user of it.

1.- Google Duo: tips and tricks to change the mobile number

Like all other responsible messaging and video calling applications, Google Duo also allows you to change your mobile number. However, since Google Duo hooks up with your device number, you must delete your account first so that you can register another number. So you can keep the same Google account, but you cannot jump from one number to another without first deleting your account.

2.- Preserve your memories

Google has started implementing a feature that will allow you to click or press on an image while you are in a video call. By replacing shaky selfie days, this little shutter button ensures life is easier, allowing you to preserve precious memories in the best possible way.

3.- You can Send AR messages

During the period of global containment, Google has seen an overall 180% increase in text and video messages. So, in an attempt to make the process more intuitive, the latest AR effects have been incorporated. Users can say “I miss you” or “I’m thinking of you” in the cutest way possible.

That is why Google has also confirmed that you will have the option to save your video messages permanently. This is because today, messages expire only after 24 hours.

4.- Google Duo tips and tricks to make a call with your email ID

Google has recently released a fairly important feature for Google Duo and without making a fuss. Since its inception, Duo has required your mobile number to make an audio or video call, which has changed with this new implementation of useful features.

In this way, Google has empowered Duo with the ability to make or receive calls only with your email address. Currently, this feature is only available on the web client, but is expected to be available on Android in the short to medium term.

While this is an excellent addition, Google still needs to work on a couple of bugs. As mentioned, the web client allows you to make a smooth call from an email account to a standard Duo number.

However, the opposite does not seem to be so perfect. In their current state, Duo accounts without a mobile number are not automatically added to your contact list. Therefore, you cannot search for a Duo email ID and make a call.

For this you will have to find an alternative way to retrieve that ID, perhaps through recent calls and make a Duo call.

5.- Enable low light mode

One of the most important features that you will equip yourself with after the last update is the low light mode. Using this feature allows you to see the person on the other end of the call more clearly as the lighting adjusts to the environment. For this, all you need to do is the following.

1.- Start a video call with any of your contacts.

2.- Press the low light mode button on the left side of your screen, which is one of the top three buttons. This will brighten the tone of your device’s screen, making it more convenient to communicate via video call.

3.- You can enable low light mode in the settings that will automatically adjust the lighting if you are in a darker environment. For this, from the app, press the three-point button, tap Settings and activate Low Light Mode.

6.- Has a web browser support

Google Duo is available on mobile devices and on your computer, the latter via the web. The service works perfectly on the internet and if you are logged in to your Google account, it will take only a couple of seconds to make a video call from the internet.

The technology giant has also revealed that it will implement the functionality of group calls to Duo on the internet. This function will initially be in Google Chrome before moving to other browsers and will allow you to see more people at the same time. All this through a new design.

So you can add anyone from your contact list to a group video call, and you also have the means to invite more people through join links. Google Duo on the web supports almost all of the features available to mobile device users, including the latest additions, such as family mode, effects, and skins.

7.- Google Duo: tips and tricks so you can pin contacts to the home screen

Although Google Duo allows you to make video calls with ease, adding contacts to your home screen can be difficult at times. Especially if the contact you want to add does not appear in the options that are displayed by pressing and holding the application icon.

In that case, you should be aware of the option to add to the home screen every time the video call ends with the respective person. All this for which you want to create a direct access. Since the option doesn’t appear after every call, you need to make sure that:

1.- Look for the option to add to the pop-up screen that is on the home screen when the video call ends.

2.- When you see the pop-up window, press the “Add” option and the contact will be added to the home screen.

8.- You can delete the call history

The option to delete your video call history for individual contacts makes it much more convenient to maintain your privacy. Therefore, here you will know how you can delete your video call history.

1.- First, start the application.

2.- Press the contact you want to delete the video call history.

3.- Now, press the three vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen.

4.- Click on the option called “Delete Duo history”.

5.- In the next pop-up window that appears, just press the “Delete” option.

In case your Google Duo app is synced with your smart device’s app, call logs will still be visible in your mobile device’s app. So make sure you delete the records from your device too.

9.- Call your Google Home and Google Home Mini devices

Before, it was only possible to call your Google Home devices through Google Assistant. Now, the tech giant has brought the future to the main Google Duo app. So you should see the option to make a call at the top of your contact list in the mobile app.

10.- Send a video message without calling first

There could be many different reasons why someone might not answer a video call. For this reason, Google introduced a feature that allows you to send a video message. There are two ways to send a video message; so take a look so you can send the video message without having to call first.

1.- Slide your finger up from the Google Duo application home screen to see all your contacts.

2.- Now, select the contact you want to send a video message to, press and hold the contact’s name.

3.- In the pop-up window that appears, select the “Send video message” option and press the “Record” option, to start a 30-second video clip.

4.- Once the video clip is ready, press the “Send” button and the video message will reach your contact.

11.- Google Duo tips and tricks so you can send a voice message

This is an option similar to video messages. So you can use Google Duo to send small voice memos. These voice memos can only record up to 30 seconds. So you must make sure not to lengthen your messages.

Accessing the voice recorder is also quite easy. Just slide your finger down from the home screen. Then, you should go to the tab called “Voice”, which is located on the left, swiping to the right and press the blue voice message icon in the middle of it.

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