What Technologies Will Android Mobile Casinos Explore In The Coming Year?

As technology continues its never-ending march into the new decade, we are faced with the same questions we ask every year. What could be coming soon, what technologies could take off, and where will we see the biggest changes?

While we already have the likes of new phones covered, today we want to look at the world of Android mobile casinos and their games. How are these going to change, and what might we see in this specific mobile sector in the coming year?

Looking at Bonuses

As for what bonuses we might soon see, this is a tricky question to answer. Because these bonuses are so often based on what is popular, predicting what comes next is highly dependent on whether our other predictions were correct.

At this point, the best Android mobile casino apps like those at www.bestcasinosites.net focus on bonuses like deposit matches and free spins. At the very least, we would expect these to continue in their popularity, owing in no small part to the likely continued success of slot games. Similarly, we would expect deposit matches to keep performing well as they integrate with growing live casino opportunities.

Live Casino Growth

The most likely avenue of Android mobile casino growth could be seen in the realm of live casino games. These have skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years, and this is a trend which we predict will continue to gain steam on the mobile front.

While these already operate on most Android devices, several factors are tying into their probable expansion. The first of these is the increasing quantity of users upgrading their outdated phone to ones which are more internet capable. Most don’t have this issue, but some users hold onto phones for very long periods and are only just now moving into smartphones.
The second contributing factor is the increase in levels of use which we have been seeing with users turning to mobiles as their primary internet devices, as detailed at www.cnbc.com. The final aspect will be the general improving connectivity of 4G and the growing coverage of 5G. While 5G is not and will not be strictly necessary in almost all cases, it might very well help in times of extreme traffic congestion.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

So far, online casino involvement in VR and AR has been rather minimal, but the lowering costs and barriers to entry could change this very soon. Mobiles like Androids are already especially useful in this regard, as many can easily be adapted into both AR and VR devices. As we looked at in our article at www.androidheadlines.com, mobile AR and VR might be in a lull, but this downturn is unlikely to last forever.

Samsung Virtual Reality MWC 2016
Samsung’s Virtual Reality MWC 2016 Press by pestoverde

Expansion and Evolution

With existing technologies growing more popular and new technologies only now becoming viable, the next year of mobile Android casinos could be an exciting one. While live casino growth seems inevitable, we’re still very curious to see how the VR and AR markets might expand within this sphere in the future.

With the stage now set, all we can do it wait and see.

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