Which Android Launcher Is Better for You

Customization has always been a stronghold for Android over the rival iOS. One can change default apps, look and feel of the interface, implementation new gestures, and even modify app icons. App launchers like Nova, Action, Microsoft, and Lawnchair have played a major role in making a clean and productive UI on top of skinned Android takes of typical OEMs.

Action Vs Lawnchair

You may have learned from our Android launcher posts that every launcher comes with the prime selling point to attract new users. Nova empathizes on customization options, Microsoft doubles down on the productivity side and the likes of Lawnchair, Evie, and Action acts-up as the perfect Pixel launcher alternative with more functions for a non-Pixel user.

Choosing a perfect one based on customization options and features can be a tiring experience for you. Thankfully, we have already compared the likes of Action to Nova and Microsoft Launcher.

In this post, we are going to compare Action launcher to Lawnchair launcher. The comparison will be based on the settings and customization options both provide to the end-user. Let’s jump in.


Both apps offer a decent amount of options to make you feel at home.
Starting with Lawnchair, you can change icon grid, lock desktop, hide labels, change text/icon size, text color, customize shortcut bubble, and more.

Wide widget function is my favorite one. It lets you stretch a normal widget to the screen’s edge. And that makes everything uniform for me.

Lawnchair Desktop1
Lawnchair Desktop2

Action launcher is mostly on the same page as Lawnchair, except for two killer features — Quickpage and Quickdrawer.

Swipe left on the home screen, and you can access all the included apps on the go. Quickpage is a widget panel that sits on the right edge of the home screen. You can swipe right and glance over the widget information.

Action Launcher Desktop1

The other functions include grip customization, scroll effect, text labels, and icon scale.

App Drawer

Lawnchair delivers endless options. In terms of style, you can change app drawer opacity, background color, icon size, column count, and more.

If that wasn’t enough, you can change text color, make app categories in a drawer, display search bar, app suggestions, and further customizations.

Lawnchair Drawer1

Action launcher gets the basics right. You can hide apps, make folders in the app drawer, change grid icon scale, and more. One can also apply the color of his choice as an app drawer background.

Action Drawer1

Dock Settings

Action launcher lets you completely turn-off dock on the home screen.

When enabled, you can mess with the width of the docs, apply more than one page, change color, and revert the tint effect to the prior Android versions.

Action Dock2

Lawnchair, once again, edges out Action with more options. One can customize the background, corner radius, dock size, and even remove the search bar.

Lawnchair Dock1


Gestures are one of the reasons I choose a third-party launcher in the first place. Some of the gestures that I’m used to are often missing from an Android skin.

Both Lawnchair and Action offer the essential gestures out of the box. With Action, you can choose from different gestures such as Desktop double-tap, pinch in/out, swipe up, etc. and assign various actions to it.

Action Gesture1

Action also lets you choose a time-gap between double or triple tap.

Lawnchair is limited here. But it gets the job done with a double-tap, swipes up/down, home button taps, and other gestures.

Lawnchair Gesture1

Backup and Price

Lawnchair creates a local backup file and you can access it from the file manager.

The app is completely free to use, which is surprising given the sheer amount of functions you get with it.

Lawnchair Restore

Action launcher gives you two options for backup. Either use device storage or opt for Google Drive to store the backup file.

The app is free for basic features but costs (Action Launcher Plus) $5 to unlock functions such as Shutters and covers. It’s a one-time payment.

Action Import

Customizations or Gestures

As you can see from the comparison above, both the apps offer various reasons to choose one over the other. Action launcher provides more features and gesture options out of the box. Lawnchair is free, and the customization options are endless here.

Next up: Evie is also a strong contender for default launcher. Read the comparison below with Lawnchair to choose a perfect one.

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