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The mobile gaming industry is growing really fast with every passing year. Tablets and phones have become a significant medium of gaming in today’s time. This is the reason why it is leading to brilliant new opportunities in the gaming industry. Mobiles are turning out to be technologically advanced, and that is why you can play games on them with more comfort. However, with the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, it is also essential to understand that market competition is growing too. If you are a video game developer, then you are already aware of the fact that your game needs to be much more desirable and exciting than all others. It needs to be attractive enough to snatch the attention of gamers globally.

Are you a video game developer? Do you want to develop your mobile game in the best possible manner? Then take a look at these game development techniques in 2020.

Best Game Making Apps / Software

One of the best ways to develop a game is by using an app or software. Many game app development companies have developed their own game making software. In fact, there are numerous options to choose from. But, we have listed the best among all the others in today’s blog. Take a quick look at this fantastic software –

Construct 2 (Scirra Ltd.) –

This is a brilliant product for a video game developer that allows everyone to build their own 2D game. It allows you to do so without knowing the basics of coding. The games created on this platform can easily run on most of the available mobile platforms. Some of these include – iOS, Windows, and Android. Construct two is also suitable for creating a web game as it comes with HTML 5 support. Construct two is easily one of the best out there.

Construct 2 Features –

· You can place objects, add the specific behaviors and all of it comes alive. It has an easy interface, which even beginner video game developers can use without hassles.

· The main method of creating the game is the usage of the event sheet. When the condition is true, the desired action is executed thoroughly.

· The platform comes with a set of behavior that can help to save time.

· You can easily take a look at the preview of your game anytime.

· Construct 2 comes with more than 70 WebGL-based effects. It also allows you to use the Particle plug-in.

Fusion (Clickteam) –

Fusion is another well know event-based game building platform. It is really not challenging to use this software, as it does not require any programming language. You need to make use of conditions and actions to create the game. We were really impressed with the Fusion user interface. It is a smooth and intuitive interface and used by various game app development companies all around the world. That helps even allows amateurs to develop their game.

Fusion Features –

· The software offers you a nice set of informative tutorials. Check them out to learn the basics of using Fusion.

· Users can enjoy complete visual programming that includes graphic editor and library graphics.

· Fusion has a strong and large community, where you can interact with others on any relevant topics.

· Fusion supports all popular mobile OS like Android, Windows, and iOS.

GameMaker: Studio-

YOYO Games releases their own development framework that is useful to create 2D games. It is easy to use and offers a great platform for beginners as a video game developer in the industry. You can make use of the “drag-and-drop method”, and the language is quite similar to that of C. So, with a simple programming language, we are sure you won’t find it hectic to develop a game. GameMaker is a truly great software for junior developers and also for the experienced ones.

GameMaker Features

· It can support 2D Spine animations.

· You can easily integrate and configure in-app purchases anytime.

· Get real-time analytics regarding the many in-game activities.

· You have the ability to integrate Steam and GIT in your games.

· Users can personalize the interface according to their convenience.

This game creation platform supports iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Tizen, etc, and one of the favorites amongst the game app development companies. You will have to pay anywhere between $150 to $800 to use the software. The pricing depends on the package you are willing to subscribe to.

Corona SDK –

Last but not the least, Corona SD is our final software that can help video game developer to create games without any hassle. It comes with much faster tools and techniques helpful for creating 2D games. Users can check a wide range of tutorials that are available to get used to the controls and interface. Corona has successfully developed a big community of more than 300,000 developers. So, it is always active and engaging throughout the day.

Corona SDK Features

· You do not need any encryption. Just write and save your code to check out the results. This helps to save time.

· Corona SDK offers its users with an in-built feature of monetization.

· With more than 500+ custom APIs and custom plugins, you can design your game accordingly.

· Choose the FPS or Frame Rate Per Second while using this platform. You can choose between 30 or 60 FPS.

Corona SDK is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows OS 8, Kindle, Apple TV, etc. There are two popular plans you can subscribe to – Enterprise Plan ($79 per month) and the Enterprise Unlimited Plan ($199 per month).

Final Verdict

There are innumerable mobile game development tools you can choose. This list is just a small drop in the entire ocean. Depending on the preferences and kind of game you want to build, you can search for the most compatible software. The mobile game development industry is soon going to hold a multi-billion dollar net worth. Grab the opportunity now and start developing your own mobile game for global users.

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